Mother’s Day Surprises!

P1000593While I was on the telephone with a surprise call from my son living in Taiwan, two beautiful young ladies arrived with one, perfect rose for me. As you can see, I added it to my flower vase immediately and it greatly enhanced the display. My son, on the phone, overhead the commotion of people arriving and asked what was going on. When I told him, he gallantly told me to tell Miss  Cherilly and Miss Charmaine that they just did what he never did for his mother and he thanks them very much for their kind gesture.

Early Mother’s Day Flowers

Well, my husband didn’t exactly lie when he said he had to leave for¬†work early this morning but when he showed up back home about 15 minutes later, I realized his use of wording. He never once said that he had to GET to work but LEAVE for work early . . . which gave him time to purchase a bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers for me. Since I don’t eat sugar, flour, or dairy, it makes gift buying a challenge but flowers fit the bill perfectly . . . except for our cat who is terrified of bouquets!

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