Holy Thursday

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Holy Thursday has arrived! It is an interesting day in the ending of the Lenten Season. It starts out with the Passover celebration, begins some important sacraments for our Church and ends in the tragedy that begins our life! A lot of endings, beginnings, and eternity all in one. It is a sobering feeling at the end of Holy Thursday Mass when the Blessed Sacrament is taken away as was Christ taken forcibly from the garden. You actually feel the void of an ’empty’ church, especially when we arrive for the Good Friday services the next day. I have to feel sorry for people who have never experienced the entirely of this week in the Church as it truly enhances the joy of Easter.

A pastor gave an interesting viewpoint on Judas’ betrayal of Jesus. I always wondered that greed could have a long-time follower and friend of Jesus do such an awful deed. Our pastor said that to him, yes, greed was the motivating reason behind Judas betraying our Lord but he thinks that, perhaps, Judas thought it wouldn’t actually be a problem. Why? Our pastor wondered if Judas wasn’t figuring on Jesus ‘disappearing’ as He had other times when he was being sought and would do so this time, too. It would leave Judas with the ‘free’ money and not hurt Jesus. Judas tried to out think God and, as we all know, this was the one instant that Jesus was prepared to be ‘found’. Maybe that is why the guilt of Judas was doubly great as his great desire for money caused this to happen to Jesus. Not Biblical, of course, but surely an interesting thought on the subject.

Makes me wonder how many times we have gone with the greed and turned our own backs on Jesus and shunned all that He suffered to save us.

Humility, Peace, and Survival

Although the world is such that the bad news often outweighs the good news in the headlines, I still check to see what is happening in the world and brace myself for the sins and absurdities, the kindnesses and disrespect, the entitlement crowds, and the horrors of the wars taking human life around the world every day. To ignore this information, is to forget our need for prayer.

While each and every act of destruction upon a human being is cowardly and disgusting, the evil powers that be often manage to outdo themselves . . . as I discovered in this morning’s news. In Kenya, a group of terrorists attacked and killed students at a local college. While they flooded the place in a rain of bullets, students either ran for them lives or holed up in rooms where they hoped the locks on the doors would hold. Last report, something like 15 outright killed and 29 wounded. That’s not taking into consideration the ongoing mental anguish put upon the ones that physically survived the terror of this undeserved attack.

We live in a sad world where conflicts can be directed at unarmed students trying to educate themselves and make their world a better place. It is a reminder of how unjustly so many treated  Jesus when He started His Holy Week journey so long ago.

Remember in our thoughts and prayers the students and their families who have had their worlds irrevocably changed on Holy Thursday, 2015.

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Holy Thursday – April 17, 2014

Holy Thursday - April 17, 2014

“Christ is now our mighty Pascha,
Eaten for our mystic bread:
Take we of His broken body,
Drink we of the Blood He shed,
As a lamb led out to slaughter,
And for this world offered.

Brzantine Triodion, Canon at Compline – St. Andrew of Crete, 8th Century

Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday

“O God, from Whom Judas received the punishment of his guilt, and the thief the reward of his confession, grant us the effect of Thy clemency: that as our Lord Jesus Christ in His passion gave to each a different recompense according to his merits, so may He deliver us from our old sins and grant us the grace of His resurrection.”

Roman Missal, Collect for Holy Thursday and Good Friday (Gelasian, 5th to 7th century)