Cat Invasion . . . Again!

It’s been two years since we’ve been ‘blessed’ with an invasion of darling, homeless kittens in need of a home. We haven’t been sad over that fact either! Yesterday, however, that changed as a feisty little tom cat showed up at our door in need of a good meal and some petting. We have, however, have this situation figured out ahead of time. Once we ascertained that said cat was, indeed, homeless, we fixed up a bed on the porch, provided food and water, and made an appointment with the   vet for neutering and vaccines. Next on the schedule, an appointment with a no-kill shelter that keeps all the cats they accept until they find them homes. If they can’t find a home, they get to stay at the very nice shelter. We discovered the place with the last two stray kittens that came our way . . . and, yes, we do have to find out where the neighborhood cats posted the ‘sucker’ sign on our property and remove it.

Anyway, the kitten is darling, still trying to grow into his feet, very friendly, and able to fend off any much bigger cats that try to take his food. My daughter claims the cat is her son. I told her that illegitimate babies have to be adopted out. She insists that we can keep him and tell the neighbors that WE adopted him. I told her the family resemblance was too obvious.

P1000894 P1000901  P1000902 P1000906 P1000907 P1000911

Entitled Woman Shows Her True Colors!

How sad that a grown (NOT mature!) woman would stoop to stealing a moment from a little girl. And, the fact that no one who witnessed this stood up for what was right. In fact, her friends congratulated her on something she hadn’t accomplished.

What Makes California Happy?

Chaffey College's photo.All too true! The interesting part is that most California drivers don’t know how to drive in the rain which accounts for an increase in mishaps. The news people go crazy on having some actual weather to report other than heat and sunshine.
My dogs are curled up in their doghouses. They like the cooler weather but the ‘wet stuff’ you can keep. The inside cat like to view the weather from a warm spot. The semi-feral, outside cat waits for us to come back from an errand so she has a warm place to sleep on the hood of the car.P1000800Can you believe she's even pass on those jokes?


Carl Sagan – And Dolphins are Ahead!

“It is of interest to note that while some dolphins are reported to have learned English — up to fifty words used in correct context — no human being has been reported to have learned dolphinese.”
— Carl Sagan

Aliens from Outer Space Look Like Cats?

P1000814 P1000815 P1000816I noticed an interesting beam of light coming in through the windows last evening. As the minutes went by, it got wider and, suddenly, there was this obvious space being at the end of the beam of light. Probably beamed down from some star ship enterprise. Would I lie to you?

Feral When It Suits Her!

P1000787 P1000788 P1000789This cat has a long story behind how she came to live with us. She only comes into the house to harass our ‘chosen’ cat. They have a love/hate relationship heavy on the hate side. We can always tell when there has been an altercation long after the cats have left the room but the color of the fur left behind.

Fresh is feral when it suits her. There are times, I can pick her up and times when she will take a swat at us if we pass by what she determines is her space. She is an outside cat by her choice but comes in every night to sleep in the garage where there is food, water, and a comfy bed. She visits the vet regularly. We have a nice vet who can bandage  a human ‘paw’ as  well as a cat’s paw. Don’t ask my husband how he knows that!

Fresh does have a real weakness for getting brushed BUT you have to watch for her to have had enough of the attention so you can clear your hands from her attack space.

Christmas Crafting . . . Getting an Early Start!

Took a day off from the regular ‘fun’ work of laundry and cleaning to get a head start on painting tree decorations for the December Christmas Fair. Since no one is really looking for Christmas items now, I’ve been finding some good bargains on stock sell outs. My problem project was getting my tiny house decorations to look like what my mind was imagining they would look. Often the hand controlling the paintbrush isn’t always in line with what my mind proposes. Today, I finished them down to finding a birdie resident for each. After searching high and low for an inexpensive bird to finish the effect, I went in desperation to The Dollar Tree . . . and found the exact size, color, and shape I wanted and for a lot less expensive than the craft stores. It doesn’t make sense to put more than a dollar into a decoration you can’t sell for more then $5 come the day of the sale. These were two for a dollar!

Christmas Bird House decoration - initial effort!
Christmas Bird House decoration – initial effort!
Further enhancements . . . better.
Further enhancements . . . better.
Finished project and the new inhabitants looked pleased with their new abode!
Finished project and the new inhabitants looked pleased with their new abode!

Marcella the cat’s morning!

Watch out! I think another cat has gotten into the house!
Watch out! I think another cat has gotten into the house!
Try to ignore that strange cat. Look around like you don't see her.
Try to ignore that strange cat. Look around like you don’t see her.
Nope, I don't see anyone here but me!
Nope, I don’t see anyone here but me!
What do you mean, YOU see two cats? Drinking this early in the morning?
What do you mean, YOU see two cats? Drinking this early in the morning?
Oh, oh, that other cat is looking at me!
Oh, oh, that other cat is looking at me!
Time to hide out.
Time to hide out.