Refugee Invasion . . . Welcoming Potential Terrorists in the Group?

Latest is that obama wants to accelerate the importing of Syrian Refugees into the United States. Besides the impact on our economy (just put it on our trillion dollar credit card debt!),there is no way they can be adequately vetted so we really have no idea who we will be allowing in. Given the situation in Europe with the flood of refugees, how many are coming to to attack us from within? Look at the backgrounds and intent of the terrorists in the tragic attacks in Paris.

Call the US Capitol Monday and let ’em know That You oppose SYRIAN REFUGEES in the United States!
1-202-224-3121 The operator Will Ask you what State, and transfer you to your Senator and your State Representative.
It takes about 2 minutes.

After Paris, Refugees Here? Invasion of the West.

It seems that 72 House Democrats are asking obama to import 100,000 refugees to America. You have to wonder about the mathematical abilities of democrats when they make a pronouncement/request for something of this sort.

Regardless of what the democrats would like us to believe, unemployment is still a problem. Dealing with the flow of people obama allowed to flood in the last two years is still a problem. The upcoming generations of college graduates struggle to find employment in line with the expensive years of study they put in at colleges and universities. Employers have had to cut down hours in order to keep their businesses open because of the financially impossible obamacare mandates. We are told that taking in refugees is a humanitarian effort. I have to wonder how humanitarian these democrats would consider this if many of these refugees were placed in their gated communities?

And, in order to cut down on gun-related deaths, there is a constant push for strict gun control and we can see how well that worked in various gun-free cities and states in the United States.

The students, over the years, have been indoctrinated with the made up fact that their self-esteem should be preserved regardless of the reality of the situation. School ban sports/games that might have ‘loser’s and everyone gets a blue ribbon for just participating so no one has hurt feelings. These children grow up to be self-serving college students and adults and we can read the news to see how that works out. We have a world of takers and a government who keeps spewing out money that doesn’t exist to insure that everyone has what they want when they want it.

So, while so many people are working hard to keep their heads above water in this economy, the House Democrats want to add to the tax burden to provide 100,000 and probably more refugees with everything many of us can’t have . . . and for free. Veering on the side of socialism won’t save the country as they seem to think when they initiate so many government programs to run our lives for us. Their lack of mathematical ability is pretty clear here as government programs are financed from our tax dollars. When they finally get everyone under the thumb of the government, there will be few to none people bringing in an adequate salary and you can’t milk taxes from people not paying taxes so, then what?

The politicians we have in office took an oath to represent the voters who graced them with the chance to represent them. I guess their esteem is so high that they assume they now know best and with the added financial support from special interest groups, the voters needs are soon forgotten. The last decade, there have been too many hashtags for feel good sentiments with no constructive reality.

Never Again, is Now!

This is an informative and should be an eye-opening video. Too many people are ignoring what is happening to the world and who better to tell them than a survivor of persecution.

Stand With Paris and Keep Them in Your Prayers

ForAmerica's photo.

Paris: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” murder at least 60, take 100 hostages.

But remember, above all, it’s a religion of peace.

And they are bringing in millions of these savages — as we speak. I have warned for years of this coming jihad. I was attacked, smeared, and marginalized. We were right about it all. And still my colleagues and I are blacklisted. Hundreds are dead and the war has just begun. We did everything in our power to save lives. But the political, media and academic elites aligned with the savages. And now scores are dead in Paris — and you ain’t seen nothing yet. Pamela Geller

With terror situation still underway in Paris, President Obama said he didn’t want to speculate on who is responsible for the attacks. He is in full scrub-a-dub jihad mode. He’s one of them.

Anything Free in Life Always Has a Price!


The year before I finished twelfth grade, I started mailing out inquiries for brochures on various colleges I was interested in possibly attending. It was exciting to get mail and read about all the interesting classes that fit into my plans for life. I remember staying up late, one evening, excitedly reading about one college in particular. It offered all the classes I wasted plus many I had never thought about. I was especially excited about the junior year where the students would study in Europe. I was enthralled at the possibilities and actually ran downstairs to tell my mother about it. Well, in my enthusiasm, I didn’t note the late hour and woke my mother up. She, however, carefully listened to what I had to say and then burst my bubble with, “There is no way we can afford this for you.” I trudged back upstairs to bed and that was that. Even working during the summer wasn’t going to make this possible. Fortunately, my high school had an excellent student counselor who took note of my good grades and strongly suggested I enroll in the community college and then see how things go. I just made the deadline for enrolling, my summer wages covered the cost of books and the tuition was reasonable.

Meanwhile, a relative made fun of me for not getting into a four-year college. Following my graduation, she graduated from her own high school and insisted her parents send her to a four-year college in the area. Since she chose a state college, the parents managed with some difficulty to cover her expenses. When she hit her junior year in college, she wanted to study in Europe and her mother gently told her that it would be a severe strain on the budget. The young lady applied, unbeknownst to her mother and was accepted. The parents gave in so as not to disappoint her, and she went off to Europe for a year. I observed how the parents struggled while she was away to make sure she got regular care packages and spending money even though they went without.

Meanwhile, things got tight at my house and I cashed in my credits earned to date in college, got my AA degree, and got a job. When the relative came home from her stint in Europe, she liked to make fun of my ‘lack of education’ and told people I had only gone to college to find a man and when that didn’t workout, I got a job.

Ten years past college found us both working in similar jobs making about the same pay. She was constantly in debt with maxed out credit cards. I saved up my salary and went to Europe almost annually. Shows was a ‘little’ education can do for one, right?

When I hear about the current students march to demand so many free perks in life including totally free college education, I remember my time in college. Nothing was free and if you wanted it, you worked for it. If parents were able to help, that was a bonus but wasn’t a perquisite for doing so. As in the case of the relative, demanding and getting what she wanted when she wanted it didn’t do her well in the long run. Free education for all will fill the colleges with eventual malcontents who would never figure out from where their blessings come. They are the product of a society that has become afraid to discipline or be straight forward with their children and teachers who give everyone a reward in a contest so there are no hurt feelings. It’s putting self-esteem ahead of reality and calling in counselors every time someone stubs their toe so no one has to deal with the real problems in life and learn from them.

I don’t see this relative anymore which is fine with me. Real family doesn’t always have to be related by blood. My last conversation with her she was bemoaning the champagne tastes of her children which kept her maxing out her credit cards, saying, “What can I do? I just don’t want them to lack for anything like I did growing up!”