Man’s Disregard for Life Over the Decades

When man feels an entitlement of power over another’s life, whether by race, creed, or color, history shows that they often find a way to act upon their power and destroy what is not their’s . . .stealing the lives of other people to further whatever agenda they want to inflict upon a certain group of people. The list above is only a short one given the many other events in not so long ago history not mentioned here because they didn’t murder enough to be quite as memorable.

I’m thinking the list is even less complete as it doesn’t really cover more recent history. Interesting that it wasn’t noted as it was at the top of the charts for cold-blooded murder.

The attack began in 1973 and continues to this day. So far over 60,000 million have died most without a second thought. The current rate of deaths is over 900,000 a year which is about 2500 a day, and over 100 each hour.

We should pray for all the poor souls that have been brutally murdered over the years by dictator monsters . . . and for the reprieve from the death sentences imposed on so many babies even as I type this paragraph.

The only countries in the world that allow third trimester abortions currently are


North Korea


United States of America

Shouldn’t these countries take their place on the infamous roll call of murderers in history?

So Often Forgotten . . .

In all the efforts to make the Church relevant to the times, we do often forget that God and His Church are timeless. Convenience is not the path to Heaven. Being socially connected on your phone/Facebook/computer, etc., doesn’t usually include Jesus on the fast dial.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand . . . NOW!

There is always a degree of polite pressure going on at the Our Father in the Novus Ordo Mass. Although it has slowed down a bit, there is still a hard-core group that want to hold hands and don’t mind trying to pressure uninterested parties to join in whether they indicate a desire to do so or not.

I once had an elderly couple behind me that wanted me to do some kind of pretzel gyrations in order for us to all join hands together. I ignored their efforts and they finally decided that I was to be included in their lovefest by each gripping one of my shoulders. rather painfully.

I’m finding it hard to discern the intent deliberation of these people yet, in spite of Our Lord now present on the altar, they seem more¬†interested in getting an unbroken hand-holding line going. My husband and I strictly refrain from following the crowd. Why? BECAUSE IT IS NOT IN THE RUBRICS OF THE MASS AND DOING SO IS AN ILLICIT¬† GESTURE. Yes, we realize that we are in the minority but being in the minority can actually be more peaceful!