Remembering D-Day

My son and I were blessed to have visited Pointe du Hoc about six years ago. One just doesn’t realize the difficulties the soldiers faced that day with weather and terrain working against them. Amazing seeing this even decades after the actual event.

President Trump Isn’t Hitler!

When the current protesters, college snowflakes, and radical college professors can’t come up with a real reason to hate the current president, they go for drama and sweeping statements to work up the crowds. Unfortunately, lack of history, whining, profanities and awkward comparisons come into play and the rest of the sheep just keep repeating it without thought. Even the politicians baiting the crowds of hired rioters resort to name calling without a real foundation. If it sounds ‘good’ and is super-insulting, scream it at the top of your lungs whether it is true or now.

Inga Andrews, a survivor of Hitler’s Germany can speak from experience and she has a supported statement on what is actually the problem. While President Trump is working against many odds to protect our country, he is not the source of the Hitler-like shadow over our country and the world.

“What is going on in this country is giving me chills. Trump is not like Hitler. Just because a leader wants order doesn’t mean they’re like a dictator.

What reminds me more of Hitler than anything else isn’t Trump, it’s the destruction of freedom of speech on the college campuses — the agendas fueled by the professors.

That’s how Hitler started, he pulled in the youth to miseducate them, to brainwash them, it’s happening today.” Inga Andrews

Rewarding Someone That Gave Them Life

Today’s youth is looking for a ‘safe space’ in order not to have to listen to words contrary to their selfish ideologies. Back, however, when people actually stood up for right, they made sure good things could happen. This man changed over 600 futures.

70th Anniversary of the Victory in Europe

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Seventy years ago, on May 8, 1945, the United States and Britain celebrated Victory in Europe Day. In both countries, flags and banners were raised, rejoicing in the end of a long, terrible war that affected so many countries and took so many lives. About six years ago, my younger son and I were blessed to take a tour of the battle path taken by the Band of Brothers. One doesn’t realize the impact of having a war on one’s own turf until you see and experience the country sides that had battles fought upon them and talked to war survivors who shared their experiences and memories. For those who disrespect the flag of the country in which they were born, perhaps they should consider the multitude of white crosses that each represent a United States soldier who gave up his life so we could be enjoying freedom today.