How Pro Life Can You Be?

A seemingly easy question to answer is, “What is a pro-life parish?” Over the past several months, I have talked to various people who claim that their parish is exceedingly pro-life. They tell me about the programs available for mothers, adoption options, clothing drives for newborns and the many other aspects of helping pre-born babies become newborns. I was impressed until I started relating the status of our government system with saving babies. The government doesn’t, for the most part, recognize any rights for the pre-born. Unborn babies are either a problem or a blessing and our world makes it possible to handle it any way the individual sees fit. Yet, I wondered, how could abortion on demand be so prevalent when there are so many pro-life, Catholic parishes?

During the last presidential election that put a democratic president in the White House, I got a definite clue. Catholics attending Mass regularly, voted for the very people who would see that abortion would always be available. And the very people who praised God in church, went to the polls and praised the politicians who ran on a platform that condoned choice by willingly offering them their vote. The democratic process has not been very democratic to our unborn. Abortion has become wholesale slaughter. Our future children are met with a legacy of death before they even breathe their first breath of life outside their mother’s womb.

Legacy, according to Webster’s is something received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past. The most tragic legacy is, of course, future lives that are cut down before they get a chance to live. As Catholics, we abhor this and participate in pro-life parishes. Until, however, we vote for the pro-life candidates, our pro-life efforts will not go far. A sign on the door proclaiming a church to be a pro-life zone is worth little if the majority of the congregation voted in the current government of death. Have any of these people ever considered their misplaced votes as legacies to their children and grandchildren? Or, a completely lost legacy when your children abort your grandchildren.

The legacies that count most in life can’t be sold or held in our hands. The legacies that go into our lives that count are the ones that shape us, our outlook on life, the world we live in and that which we hold in our heart. And many of the legacies influencing our lives do not come as bequests from a Will. The legacies are given to us, directly or indirectly, from the examples and actions set by parents and grandparents. Can all of us claim to be thoroughly pro-life in all we think, do and say in every facet of our life?

We all teach our children about pro-life. And being children, they will ask questions. How do we answer when they ask us how we voted? Can we look them in the eye and honestly say we voted in their best interests. It is obvious from election results that votes deprived the world of many potential people . . . Catholic votes. Pro-life will continue to be a good thing and, perhaps, if people think they are pro-life, eventually they may actually be totally pro-life.

Meanwhile, we have the midterm elections starting and from the recent polling, the people who voted in the most pro life president We’ve had, seem to be resting on their laurels given the low estimates of who will actually go out and vote as our days come up. It is also interesting to note how there is a large block of Catholics who were disappointed in the last elections results and still prefer the lies and posturing of the losers. There are actually other Catholics who stopped talking to me when it was evident that I was not going to vote ‘their’ way.

Guess those who will prey will continue to prey which should encourage us on to pray. It comes down to whether you feel saving the climate based on unfounded ‘facts’ and the one turtle that got a straw stuck in his nose is more important than protecting our future, the children in the womb that are in such danger.

Respecting Our President

It is difficult to figure out the liberals. When their candidates lose an election, it is time to demean and scream ‘impeach 45’ without a basis for even beginning such a procedure other than their ‘guy’ didn’t win and the Republican candidate was elected. Not everyone was an obama fan yet how many of you recall Republicans creating chaos and mayhem on the streets, destroying police cars, attacking democrats wearing obama tee shirts, and constantly making up scenarios of why obama wasn’t fit for office and calling for his immediate impeachment?

True, President Trump isn’t of the closed ranks of the establishment politician. He can’t be bought! He did the remarkable in that he has kept all his campaign promises during his first year in office and brought about national and worldwide changes that no other president seemed to take quite as seriously for the long-term welfare of the United States.

You could delve into the history of just about any of President Trump’s critics and dig up worse than anything they have had to go back into ancient history to demean the president. While the President works hard at making good changes and supporting the American people, the left would rather bring the country to a standstill and then blame President Trump from not being a good president.

Every word uttered by the President is double-checked, defined according to liberal standards, then warped to suit whatever the latest agenda happens to be, and then thrown into bring good progress to an screeching halt proving that they are more interested in invalidly demeaning the President rather then protecting and improving the country.

The election of President Donald J. Trump has proved one thing, however. His overwhelming election to office reflects that a great majority of voters are thinking people who realize that enough is enough and wanted to have a MAN in office rather than a bunch of self-serving elected officials and their lackeys.

It is very evident that part of the shock of 2016 was that regardless of all the garbage the opposition threw at President Trump’s run for office, they left one thing out of their equation for success. It was and continues to reflect the Democrats intricate avenues of preying. But, while they were ‘preying’ for the 2016 hillary win, many other people found their values and PRAYED their way to the win in 2016. I don’t think prayer was a major component for the left’s strategy.  Perhaps, they knew there was such a thing a prayer but couldn’t figure out how to pray to the God of goodness for the sins and evils they wanted to perpetuate.