Graduation Etiquette

Notre Dame joined the impolite exodus of uninformed graduates by walking out of their own graduation because they didn’t ‘approve’ of the person asked to give the graduation address. This time, their ill manners were directed at Vice President Pence.

I think their actions reveal the shallow depths of their personalities, intelligence, and their preparation for the real world. They are walking out of the last safe space of like-minded brains who left early to face the world they really don’t understand nor feel a need to learn about. An intellectual person can not only proclaim but listen to various ideas with an open mind and not the usual open fist they employ to show their supremacy. Their attention deficit problem was revealed the moment they knew that the Vice President would be making the presentation. If questioned as exited, would they have been able to express exactly what offended them about his speech? No, because they have become so ‘learned’ and impressed with their own concocted views, listening to someone else might cause them to, perhaps, question some of their preconceived ideas and send them to their idea of the ‘dark side’ to find out some truths.

Book learning is admirable but the real world doesn’t always get them the jobs they think they are deserving upon graduation. Manners go further than snarling. Humbleness is realizing that there is more to the world outside the college campus than liberal professors and coddling. Yes, you can probably be a person of ‘note’ and make some headlines spouting half-baked agendas from your parents’ basement but listening to another’s viewpoint just might open your closed mind to another aspect of the world.

Congratulations to the graduates, whether they agreed with Vice President Pence or not, who showed upbringing and manners by staying to listen to what he had to say. For the ones that pompously stomped out, take the little test in the picture above. Can YOU see what’s wrong with this picture?

Stormy Weather . . .

This seems to be an interesting turn of events but not particularly surprising in today’s world. The everlasting feature of all liberal news icon, Stormy Daniels was given the key to the City of West Hollywood today for her leadership in the #RESIST movement. May 23rd, as in today, is being proclaimed ‘Stormy Daniels’ Day.

Okay, is this woman now someone we should hold up in admiration to our daughters? Should we tell the girls of today to ‘go forth and do likewise’ and be famous, too?

First of all, she is using and being used for agendas other than the one she is claiming. She is a porn star that leaves nothing to the imagination in her career choice. Basically, she was born in a generation where she would be praised for having advertised an ‘adult’ encounter without fear of any degradation for her career choice.

The world is in a moral mess. Now, the liberal media and cohorts present this person as someone to admire.

We are living in a world of emperors with no clothes and a media that keeps telling us how great they look for the country/world. Now, we have a porn star being exalted and even though she has often been in venues with no clothes, no need to point this out because she voluntarily sold out her values and was paid $30,000, too. I’m just waiting for a Russian connection to come forth as they always seem to crop up when all else fails for the liberal factions.