Keep These People on Your Radar . . . and Then Vote them Out!

Change California. Think California and think hard.

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Thinking About the Next Election?

30 times. 30 times now Democrats have blocked consideration for the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

30 times Democrats have shown us how extreme their abortion agenda is. 30 times we are reminded just how much is at stake in upcoming elections. Not just 2020, but 2019 as well.

Sad Quote of the Day . . .

“Any Catholic or Mother who can look at their Children and then go out to Vote Democrat knowing the Democrat Party fully supports the Killing of Babies with a Heartbeat are “NOT” True Catholic or a Mother.”

What is interesting is how many women seem to think this is justifiable. Former president obama was very pro-abortion. During his term in the Senate, he tried to overturn the ‘born alive’ act for babies who survived abortion. Yet, even though that information was very much available, over 50% of the Catholic vote went to him in both elections.

Hillary clinton ran on a strong abortion platform and, to this day, I have relatives who don’t keep in contact because they resent me having voted for President Trump rather than the first woman to ever run.

To be a Catholic means (at least to me!) is obedience to the Ten Commandments and the Laws of the Church. Thou Shalt Not Kill is very much in evidence in said Ten Commandments. Sad to say, however, during the last three presidential elections, nothing was said from the pulpit about voting what is right over what is politically pleasing. Also, since I read that the Catholic Bishops are against the wall and since 50% of the Catholic vote went to obama’s elections, I’m thinking many of our spiritual leaders in the church voted political agendas over the safety of the unborn. Yes, you can offer a multitude of prayers for the safety of our future born and unborn babies but if you don’t follow through with Christlike values when you vote, you are party of the death squad.

Surprising News From Taiwan

It doesn’t take a giant to change the world as evidenced by Taiwan’s recent vote. You would think that Christians/Catholics would already have that ingrained in their hearts after reading David and Goliath.

November 6, 2018 is a Pivotal Election!

The Midterms are here and how will you vote. Even more important, WILL you vote? There are still people who refuse to register to vote because they think they will get called for Jury Duty from the voting registry. Not true.  Besides, it certainly isn’t very American to ignore or try to avoid something that is not a option but a duty in being a good citizen of the United States of America. Don’t throw your future away for your idea of comfort today. Every vote counts when many of the elections are running so close.

And don’t skip all the minor offices and Propositions on this year’s ballot. Not doing your research and voting in an informed way on ALL that is on the line this year is how California ended up with a ‘super’ transit system that goes nowhere. Besides, if you want a future for your children, taking your children to the polls is a good example.


Midterm Voting . . . It’s Important!

The midterms are upon us and, traditionally, a big presidential win by either party, usually results in a low turn-out for the party currently in power and gives the other party a possible head’s up in turning the tide in anticipation for the 2020 presidential election.

While we had a good turn out for the presidential election, many people may not feel the need to defend their turf come November. Knowing this, the Democrats are out to take over the House and, if successful, make the rest of President Trump’s term miserable for him. Uh, as if that hasn’t been their ongoing goal since November 2016.

Over the years, I have heard so many people tell me why they couldn’t vote:

1. I forgot to re-register to vote after I missed voting in the last election.
2. It was raining that day and I didn’t want to wait in line. (Voting is indoors!)
3. With my children in school, I need to be home in case there is an emergency. (Cell phone?)
4. I home school and don’t want to disrupt the day. (A living lesson in our country and how it works?)
5. If I register to vote, I will get called for Jury Duty. (They don’t go by the voting lists.)
6. I really didn’t know who to vote for or even who was running and for what? (You take pride in this?
7. I had a headache, fever, stomach . . . (fill in the blanks!)
8. Oh, was yesterday voting day?

After over two years of fake media reporting, trying to thwart the president’s job, initiating various uprisings about whatever faction feels slighted that day, are we really going to give the opposition a chance to undo the good work and changes to date? And, if you feel there has not been anything of value done since November 2016, you haven’t been reading all the news. Just the fact that unemployment is down, jobs are more plentiful, and taxes were cut and reflected in your take home pay should be enough to get one to the polling place. We could go into more details about President Trump’s handling of some dictators, allies, negotiating better trade values but if you didn’t care enough to listen when it happened, you probably won’t believe it now.

So, just a thought-provoking reminder that voting is coming up soon. Voting is important. And leaving it up to a few to keep our politicians in office, might not be enough. Just think! One of the first things on the Democrat agenda is to rescind the tax cuts, impeach the president, and reinstate as much of the previous eight years as possible.

Still not convinced? It seems to me that every vote a person doesn’t bother to use, means a vote for the other side. As Christians/Catholics, the only chance for pro-life standards comes from the current administration. In essence, the vote you don’t use will be a vote to a party who has a firm platform in place for abortion in place. You might not consider yourself in favor of abortion but your absence at the polling place will signal strongly that you didn’t care enough to keep an adamantly pro-abortion political party out of office in hopes of saving more unborn.