California Gas Restriction Act of 2015 – Making It More Expensive to Live in California and Unfair Rules

Talk about the land of the free and the home of the brave . . . not an apt description of California when the politicos start dreaming up ways to run our lives.

Right now, Californians pay the third highest rate for electricity in the Continental United States. If the proposed gas restrictions are enacted, Californians will end up paying the highest cost for gasoline in the entire nation. Bad for the tourist trade and even worse for the residents.

Increasing cost of gasoline in California will make the commute to work and home each day more difficult and would cut down options for weekend trips in some cases because of the dent in the family budgets. Eventually, it could even impact businesses who deal with weekend visitor, amusement parks, beaches, restaurants, etc.

This bill would impact mini-vans and trucks. Many people need trucks for their businesses which would reduce their income when more money has to go to driving their work truck. I don’t know about other families, but we have a mini-van as a safe option for taking our children to school, church, and various excursions. To zero in on innocent people in even proposing this bill is almost impossible to believe . . . but, then, this is California.

If this Senate Bill 350 passes, we will see a big jump in many other prices for necessities like groceries and housing. It takes gasoline to run the trucks that bring food to our stores, goods to our shelves, and building supplies to improve or build homes.

Think airfare is high now? Think was restricting the use of gasoline and diesel fuel in California by 50% will do to planes flying out of the state or other aircraft having to fill their tanks in California.

Although this all sounds too preposterous to happen, look at the other rules and regulations already in effect here and the taxes we pay.

Here’s hoping enough people here in California call their legislators to vote a NO on SB350.