The California Gasoline Restriction Act of 2015 – Tell the State Assembly NO!

Just when think California can’t get any crazier thanks to mini-politicians who think they are mega-gods here to make our lives more . . . interesting, our State manages to go one step further.

Right now, the Legislators have a bill in the works (SB350) which wants to restrict the use of gasoline and diesel fuel in California by 50% Given that a great many people in California have to travel miles to get to work, school, etc., how do they think that is going to work out. You cut the amount of fuel we are allowed to have, you make necessary commutes next to impossible.

Although this bill might seem a real breakthrough in thinking for how they want Californians to live their lives, it will actually make it much harder for people to drive to work each day. It is hard enough to find employment and now we could be penalized for having a commute to our job and cause hardworking families undeserved hardships. To add insult to injury, they are also considering the option of requiring cars in California be equipped with computer  chips so the state regulators can monitor motorists’ driving habits and fuel consumption. They would be collecting the obtained data. Doesn’t sound much like the land of the free and the home of the brave, anymore.

If you think about it, raising gas prices or cutting back on our allowance of fuel also affects other costs in our lives doubling and tripling current expenses. Everything from housing to groceries to getting our children to school and the doctors will cost more. Where we travel, what we eat, where we shop will all end up costing us much, much more. And, with any economic situation, when we, by necessity, have to cut back, businesses will have to reduce staff, and we increase the unemployment situation even further. People in need of public help will suffer, too, as more go on government help and there are less tax payers to carry the burden.

Not to worry, however, There is a solution! Buy a Teslas and you won’t have to abide by these pesky regulations. Now, if only the average person could even afford one of those pricy cars, we might rest easier at night.

If you live in California, go to and tell your legislator to Vote NO on SB350.