The State of the Union Speech 2019

Some points presented in President Trump’s State Of The Union Address.

5 Million off food stamps.

Economy growing twice as fast as Obama

Unemployment for disabilities is all time low.

Passed right to try.

Business coming back to America at a record pace
Producing more natural gas and oil than anywhere in the world.

1st time in 65 years we are a net exporter in energy.

304,000 new jobs added last month.

Criminal justice reform.

3750 more troops to southern border.

Immigrants have to come in legally.

266,000 ice arrests of criminal aliens.

Walls work and walls save lives.

Women filled 58% of all new jobs last year.

There are more women in the workforce than ever before.

More women in congress than ever before.

In 2018, drug prices experienced their single largest decline in 46 years.

School choice for American children.

Legislation to abolition on late term abortions.

Establish a culture that cherishes innocent life and Pelosi.

Other nations are paying their fair of their. Over the last 2 years we have secured over $100B in defense spending from NATO allies.

President Trump and the leader of North Korea will meet again in Vietnam in February.
We were born free and we will stay free.

We renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.

After the speech was over the Democrats raced out of the House chambers which says a lot!

President Trump and North Korea

An historic event has occurred on the neutral ground of Singapore. What no other United States President has done . . . HAS been done by President Trump when he met with Kim Jong Un of North Korea.

Of course, this is the very beginning of what everyone hopes will finally bring a restful peace to that corner of the world. The political naysayers and the warped media will pick apart every aspect of this historical meeting with their own, often skewed version. For now, however, President Trump had made a beginning and anyone who wasn’t amazed by this handshake have either mislaid their patriotism or don’t really know their history.

Who thought that when this happened:
We would, some day, have the above picture.

Babies in the Womb . . .


Vivisection means literally “to cut up something that’s alive,” and it’s the term used for operating on live animals for scientific research. We probably recall one instance or another where there was protest against labs using animals for scientific research this way. After all, an animal is a helpless creature who relies on people to survive this world. However, it is legal to vivisect a child in the womb in the world today. Fortunately, among the 194 nations globally, there are only ( and ‘only’ is still too much!) seven countries that legally allow this cruelty to be done on an unborn human baby. The seven countries where this is permitted are:
Canada (No restriction in law)
China (No restriction in law)
Netherlands (24 week)
North Korea (No restriction in law)
Singapore (24 weeks)
United States (viability)
Viet Nam (No restriction in law)
In the past month, there was an effort to stop this reign of terror on the unborn but, fourteen CATHOLIC UNITED STATE SENATORS DEFIED most of Congress, the President, and the majority of United States Public opinion so the United States remains a part of the death squad.
Even more sad is that of the fourteen CATHOLIC (in name only at this point!) only one of the Senators has been excommunicated by his bishop, Bishop Paprocki. Where is the outrage from our clergy? Why aren’t the bishops making known and promoting Catholic teaching in the face of this? How can they continue to give them the Sacraments to these senators after they publically made their very un-Catholic views known and voted accordingly?
Although it should be extremely surprising, remember over 50 percent of the Catholic vote voted an adamant pro-abort president into the White House TWICE.