More Election Advise – Use Your Vote Wisely!

Burke warned Catholics against not voting at all and against the practice of writing in the name of a preferred candidate on the ballot, saying it could inadvertently cause the election of a candidate who does not respect life, family, and freedom.
“And I understand these sentiments very well. But one also has to be very prudent, and know that by not voting at all you are probably favoring one candidate or another,” he said, adding that even if Catholics wrote in the name of a favored candidate, it would be unlikely for such a person to become elected.
“The moral weight to voting is indeed very heavy. In other words, every vote counts,” he said.

Cardinal Burke’s Excellent Advice for the Presidential Election
“More than likely the judgment will be that neither candidates ideally answers these…

Where Have All the Brains All Gone?

I salesman came to the door and, in the middle of his spiel, mentioned Trump. I asked if he was a Trump supporter and he said no and wished Bernie was still running as he was the best of the Trump/Hillary choice. He said he admired Trump’s business acumen but he was a bigot and a loose canon. I nicely asked if he thought Hillary was more qualified and he said, “No, but she would have Bill Clinton to guide her.

Thinking to see how uninformed this guy was, I asked if he was an abortion supporter. He very definitely declared that he was NOT. I said that Hillary is strongly backed by Planned Parenthood and said she would see that they get increased funding. The guy shrugged and said, “Hey, we end up paying for abortion one way or the other so that shouldn’t be a basis for voting. Besides, it’s legal.

I told him I had to take my daughter to work. He asked if I wanted him to leave an estimate in the door for redoing our windows. Uh . . . NO!

There Can’t Be THAT Much Invincible Ignorance Among the Catholic Voters!

What God must think of His people. The last two elections gave an adamant pro-abort candidate over 50% of the Catholic vote. After eight years of lies, failures, and misguided governing aimed at looking good rather than doing good, you would think the citizens of this country, especially the Catholics would have figured things out.

Actually, I truly found it hard to believe that fifty percent of the Catholics thought it was a good idea to vote the pro-abort ticket the first time around. Although I had already made up my mind, I read the Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics I found in the back of my parish church and it confirmed to me without giving a specific name that voting for obama was not a Catholic vote. Liberalism, which IS a sin, won again . . . with the help of Catholics!

Today, I learned from the CatholicVote site that once again the Catholic vote, according to a recent polling, is going to Hillary by a wide margin. What about the Catholic Church, sinfulness, and failed decisions don’t these people understand? Over the past couple of years, she has been caught in lies, deceit, and ineptness in everything except for wrangling for votes. Like sheep to the slaughter, here come the Catholics willing and happy to help bequeath another four years of aborted babies, loss of rights, and the promise of thousands of imported refugees who aren’t seeking asylum so much as a conquest.

1 Samuel Chapter 12 shows that human disregard of God’s Laws over their selfish desires of independence from God aren’t anything new. Wouldn’t you think, however, that at some point a light bulb would go off somewhere among all those hardheaded (hardhearted?) voters and lead them to turn to God first. And, if Hillary gets into office and bans many of our amendment rights and we find ourselves deprived of the basic right to defend ourselves, remember that gun deaths are no where near the top of the list for deaths in American . . . abortion is.

Questioning Our Educational System!

In case you have ever wondered about what is being taught the students of the last generation, this should answer that for the most part quite easily . . . Nothing.