November 6, 2018 is a Pivotal Election!

The Midterms are here and how will you vote. Even more important, WILL you vote? There are still people who refuse to register to vote because they think they will get called for Jury Duty from the voting registry. Not true.  Besides, it certainly isn’t very American to ignore or try to avoid something that is not a option but a duty in being a good citizen of the United States of America. Don’t throw your future away for your idea of comfort today. Every vote counts when many of the elections are running so close.

And don’t skip all the minor offices and Propositions on this year’s ballot. Not doing your research and voting in an informed way on ALL that is on the line this year is how California ended up with a ‘super’ transit system that goes nowhere. Besides, if you want a future for your children, taking your children to the polls is a good example.


The Midterms and You?

Most news venues concentrate on only the negatives in life and have yet to give President Trump his fair credit in regards to what he has done with the country up until now. For one thing, he has actually worked to keep his campaign promises which can’t be said of many other elected candidates to date. His election rallies drew crowds yet the democrats refused to see the obvious as evidenced by their election night tears and screams of surprise. Yet, in spite of the turnout to elect a president that kept promises, the Midterms seem to be rather low-key in interest which makes you wonder why the winner of 2016 feel they can be so complacent. You can’t have a ‘red wave’ if voters are going to piddle around and figure someone else can worry about it. After all, would it really make that much difference if the democrats take over the House.

More Election Advise – Use Your Vote Wisely!

Burke warned Catholics against not voting at all and against the practice of writing in the name of a preferred candidate on the ballot, saying it could inadvertently cause the election of a candidate who does not respect life, family, and freedom.
“And I understand these sentiments very well. But one also has to be very prudent, and know that by not voting at all you are probably favoring one candidate or another,” he said, adding that even if Catholics wrote in the name of a favored candidate, it would be unlikely for such a person to become elected.
“The moral weight to voting is indeed very heavy. In other words, every vote counts,” he said.

Cardinal Burke’s Excellent Advice for the Presidential Election
“More than likely the judgment will be that neither candidates ideally answers these…

Where Have All the Brains All Gone?

I salesman came to the door and, in the middle of his spiel, mentioned Trump. I asked if he was a Trump supporter and he said no and wished Bernie was still running as he was the best of the Trump/Hillary choice. He said he admired Trump’s business acumen but he was a bigot and a loose canon. I nicely asked if he thought Hillary was more qualified and he said, “No, but she would have Bill Clinton to guide her.

Thinking to see how uninformed this guy was, I asked if he was an abortion supporter. He very definitely declared that he was NOT. I said that Hillary is strongly backed by Planned Parenthood and said she would see that they get increased funding. The guy shrugged and said, “Hey, we end up paying for abortion one way or the other so that shouldn’t be a basis for voting. Besides, it’s legal.

I told him I had to take my daughter to work. He asked if I wanted him to leave an estimate in the door for redoing our windows. Uh . . . NO!