The Latin Mass – Why Is the Older Generation Not Remembering?

Now I’m dating myself but I grew up with the Latin Mass and made my sacraments in the Latin Rite. According to some acquaintances, they wonder why I would still prefer to have the Latin Mass more available. I remember one Sunday, when the pastor mentioned something about some of the Latin Mass possibly coming back in part to the Mass and a very elderly gentleman came tearing out of the church exclaiming, “Save your children! They are going to make them learn Latin!”

In the Latin Mass days, there was a lot less unnecessary chatter in the church before Mass. Children were hushed up and pointed towards the altar. When people returned from receiving Communion, they actually looked as if they had just taken Jesus into their heart and didn’t meet and greet people on their way back to the pew. Random applause didn’t happen because it was God’s House and a house of prayer.

My husband was blessed to attend a Mass at a Catholic Conference, years ago, that the priests decided to celebrate exactly as set out by Vatican II. Seems a lot has been lost in that translation as it was more on the dignified presentation/Latin Mass format than what most of us experience today.

I hear over and over that Vatican II made the Church more attractive to people and would bring back the youth. Statistics don’t prove that as before Vatican II, attendance was around 75%. Today, for every convert, we lose about six Catholics.