Soup Noodles on a Gluten-Free Diet?

One thing we missed going gluten-free were homemade noodles. You know the ones, those wide noodles that are delightful for slurping down a bowl of homemade chicken soup. Once again. BetterBatter Gluten-free flour blend comes to the rescue. There is a recipe on their site that is super simple – one egg to one cup of their flour. I guess the climate has been drier around here or our eggs are smaller but it isn’t a problem! I just start off with a cup or two of BetterBatter, salt to taste, and then add eggs until I have a workable dough.  It has opened up a lot of our favorite recipes but still keeps my husband’s gluten-free diet in place.

So far, I’ve used the recipe to make Pot Stickers which is a great way to use leftover meat for the filling.

As mentioned, the old-fashioned noodles for homemade chicken soup.

You can also make a larger batch of the recipe and end up with noodles to top with your favorite pasta sauce.

If you have a Chinese Noodle Press, the same dough will make fried crispy noodles.

Ravioli is not a gluten-free possibility! Only problem figuring out whether you want tomato sauce or a clear one?


Little Dresses for Africa – Another Mailing

After making some repairs and adjustments to our home, I was finally able to settle down this past month and get some dresses and tote bags sewn for Little Dresses for Africa. A trip to the fabric warehouse only helped further my inspirations. Unfortunately, for me, I can sew three or four dresses in a day but always put off actually packing them into boxes and getting them in the mail. That is why I am now taking time this week to finally take on that task. I have almost 50 dresses ready to go out and have run out of room to hang them in the meantime!

Tote bags are  welcome, too, so my fabric scraps are getting put to good use.

Buster Kitten’s Busy Day!

Buster Kitten is a very large, very placid cat who adores people but isn’t interested in being petted and fussed over. He is always around, however, observing. My daughter decided that training Buster on a walking leash and without consulting Buster, purchased a halter jacket and leash. That as about six months ago as she claims she is taking things slowly. Buster doesn’t like the halter jacket and no matter how long she has him wear it, he refuses to get used to it. The one time, she tried taking him outside with said Jacket and leash, the 30 seconds he put with it were not a success.

Once the jacket was removed, Buster Kitten went directly back into placid mode but with a wary eye on anyone coming toward him with anything but a treat. He spent the rest of the day recovering and avoiding my daughter.

Saving the World With Electric Cars . . . at the Cost of Children

Like most ideas that come up in defense of the environment, they all usually have a dark side that is seldom investigated until many people have given their life for it. The people who are helping to provide our ‘clean living’ exist in dirt, sweat, poverty, and abuse.

Going to Be Hard to Fight a War Without Troops . . .

A recent Gallop Poll revealed how much trouble the world could be in and why things are deteriorating at the current speed.

This is a breakdown of the percentages of people willing to fight and go to war for their own countries.

From high to low, these are the percentages by country:

74% – Finland
73% – Turkey
62% – Ukraine
59% – Russia
58% – Kosovo
55% – Bosnia and Herzegovina
55% – Sweden
54% – Greece
47% – Poland
46% – Serbia
41% – Latvia
39% – Switzerland
38% – Ireland
38% – Macedonia
38% – Romania
37% – Denmark
29% – France
28% – Portugal
27% – United Kingdom
26% – Iceland
25% – Bulgaria
23% – Czech Republic
21% – Austria
21% – Spain
20% – Italy
19% – Belgium
18% – Germany
15% – The Netherlands

This is the attitude while millions of men are pouring into Europe as ‘Migrants’. Not women and children. Not aged and infirm. Men, of fighting age.