Using the “T’ Word as Needed

As many of us have noticed, the current administration has a problem with using the ‘T’ word when it comes to people being massacred or blown up in the name of a particular group. Even though, the acts have all the earmarks of being listed under the word, ‘terrorism’, it is seldom spoken with any conviction after such an event has taken place. I’m not sure it is to protect our sensitivities as the first thing that comes to mind after a senseless slaughter is that people have been unjustly ‘terrified’ and the reasonable way to talk about the event is to use the word terrorist or terrorism.

I have to wonder how the president would feel is we only acknowledged the fact that he was residing in the White House but refused to use the word president in referring to him in any capacity. What would be the reaction of someone in that high office if we saw him on television billed as ‘president’, observed him elected as ‘president’, heard about bills he was hoping to pass as ‘president’ but still didn’t use the word ‘president’ in talking about him.

It would be just like not acknowledging terrorists and terrorism even though the acts are acknowledged to have happened, there are maimed and dead people in evidence, the people doing the awful deeds admit to doing them, and the people who escaped this particular attack are now living in even more fear.

Seems to me that if the president, his administration, and the press could call it as it is and use the word terrorist as often as it is needed to be said, we would more readily acknowledge the man in office as holding the title of ‘president’.