Truth is in the Numbers

The number tell a different story on one of our most pressing and dangerous situations in the world today.

“Peace, the Loathed Manna Which Hot brains despise.” (Dryden, 17th century

Prayers for Belgium

The human side of our mentality never expects an attack although verbiage is always bantered around on a speculative plateau of thinking about ‘what could we do to avert it.’ Once again, the terrorist factions of the world have given us a face-to-face look at what an attack looks and feels like and the hospitals are filling up and people are mourning their deceased this morning in Brussels.

What should have been a beginning of a new day of work, school, or just an excursion ended in tragedy as yet another terrorist attack changed lives and ended lives. Although there has been increases in border security, they are now stepping it up even more. Meanwhile, our president is spending time in Cuba with avowed communist dictators who want much from US/Cuban negotiations yet don’t plan on putting anything from their side on the bargaining table. Cuba also harbors terrorists and other criminals on the wanted list for crimes . . . Yet, our government thinks they can deal around this.

I guess all this points to the fact that you can’t negotiate with terrorists or any other nation under dominant rule because they strictly feel ‘that all ways should be their ways’ end of discussion.

The attack in Belgium was not expected but probably should have been suspected. The world is dealing with people who have been seething for centuries and have now been able to build up forces and followers to try and take down democracy, free speech, freedom of religion and all the rest of the freedoms we enjoy to live as we wish in peace.

Prayers for Belgium and all the countries that are suffering over the influx of refugees who are not looking for a better life in most cases but a way to make ours less better and compromised. Sadly, history continues to repeat itself so we shouldn’t let the memory dim on the Twin Towers 9/ll, the Benghazi 9/11, the San Bernardino shootings, Fort Hood, the Boston Bombings, and the many other attacks that cost lives and change the course of those they wound physically or psychologically.

“Justice exalts a nation; but sin makes nations miserable.” Proverbs 14:34

“To serve the cause of peace is to serve justice. To serve the cause of peace is to serve the interests of the people, especially the lowly and dispossessed. To serve the cause of peace is to face the future with serene and unruffled countenance. To serve the cause of peace is to hasten the day when all nations without exception shall lay aside their rivalries and feuds, and embrace one another as brothers. To serve the cause of peace is to serve civilization.”

Pope Pius XII: Now is the Time for Action, (September 7, 1947)

Stand With Paris and Keep Them in Your Prayers

ForAmerica's photo.

Paris: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” murder at least 60, take 100 hostages.

But remember, above all, it’s a religion of peace.

And they are bringing in millions of these savages — as we speak. I have warned for years of this coming jihad. I was attacked, smeared, and marginalized. We were right about it all. And still my colleagues and I are blacklisted. Hundreds are dead and the war has just begun. We did everything in our power to save lives. But the political, media and academic elites aligned with the savages. And now scores are dead in Paris — and you ain’t seen nothing yet. Pamela Geller

With terror situation still underway in Paris, President Obama said he didn’t want to speculate on who is responsible for the attacks. He is in full scrub-a-dub jihad mode. He’s one of them.