Students For Life

A few months ago, we found out about Students for Life and realized they had the right idea . . . tell the college students the truth about abortion’s deadly outcome and show them it isn’t just an agenda of the parent-aged group. Also, they might end up being the ones to actually change their families’ minds about protecting the unborn.

If you are someone who tries to do their shopping, etc., at businesses that are in accord with the sanctity of life, it was just announced in the Students for Life newsletter that Remax and Century 21 are pro-life. If you are looking to sell or buy a house, it is something to think about because for every completed sale, the real estate agent will give a portion of htier commission to Real Estate 4 Life as a referral fee which, in turn, will be donated to Students for Life. The mathematical example given was that if a home is sold for $150,000, one thousand dollars will go to Students for Life . . . without costing you a penny. For more information, you can call Real Estate 4 Life at 1-877-LIFE-US1 or email them at