St. Lawrence of Brindisi, Pray for Us.

In 2016 we are in basically under siege with Muslim radicals who want to take over the world and set up a government of Sharia Law. This is not a new endeavor on the part of Muslims. History shows it has been an ongoing fight.

Mohamed III, the sultan of Constantinople in the year 1600 was very sure of his ability to not only conquer the whole of Europe but planned to celebrate his victory using an altar at St. Peter’s Basilica as a trough for his horses. In case anyone wondered about the seriousness of his threats, he has already had brothers and half brothers executed to clear his way to power. His wasn’t a new idea as Ottoman sultans kept attempting to take over Catholic Europe.

Don Juan of Austria, a few years before this challenge from Mohamed III, defeated the Ottomans at the famous Battle of Lepanto. He credited his victory to the help of God and the Blessed Mother, the Holy Rosary, and the prayers of St. Pope Pius V and the Catholic League.

Once again the Muslims were on the attack in Europe. Thirty years after the Battle of Lepanto, Pope Clement VIII asked for St. Lawrence of Brindisi to go to Germany and help organize the princes into a crusade. St. Lawrence was a capuchin friar and, again, with the help of God, was successful in organizing the power needed to save Europe once more from the Muslims.

On October 11, 1601, St. Lawrence led the troops into battle riding a horse and carrying a large cross. Three days later of the same month, the same Catholic forces lead by St. Lawrence had to fight the Muslims in another battle and won.

Even leading the troops in front into battle, St. Lawrence was miraculously saved from all injury and gave thanks for all such successes as coming from God and Mother Mary. At the onset of the battle, the Catholic troops numbered 18,000 men. They were vastly outnumbered by the 80,000 Muslims. However, after the adversary suffered the loss of 30,000 men, they withdrew their army.

When the crusades were organized and led by holy people who prayed and fasted, they had success. Whenever the plans were made by unjust people or using sinful ways, they lost.

Seems the world needs another saint to lead us in regards to the current terrorist attacks by radical Muslims. One looks around the world and wonders where he or she is and when will they be on the scene. Our modern world might be overlooking one, important thing. All the crusades were prefaced with many prayerful Rosaries, prayers, and fasting. I think we have to start looking at ourselves and think about how much are we really praying for world peace and decide if we are supposed to be part of the prayer petitioners. Might ask ourselves if we even have enough prayers to contend with another Battle of Lepanto.

Almighty God,
for the glory of Your Name
and the salvation of souls,
You conferred upon St. Lawrence,
the spirits of counsel and fortitude.
Grant us, in the same Spirit,
to know what we are to do,
and through his prayers,
to do what we have come to know.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,
Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit,
one God, forever and ever.