North Korea and Our Media . . .

The Olympics are especially interesting this year with the participation of North Korea. Our media is enthralled with the appearance of the North Korean dictator’s sister. The news has been full of their delight in her appearance, her snubbing of Vice President Pence, the Olympic participants from North Korea . . . It goes on and on as they make North Korea the center of interest.

The media, as usual, has a short-term memory problem when it comes to facts, however. Did they remember the young man who received recognition from President Trump at his State of the Union Address? He was from North Korea. He had a sad story of mistreatment in North Korea. He escaped with most of his family from North Korea. His father, sadly, was captured trying to escape and dying under torture.

Anyone recall the American that was sentenced to years in their horrible work camp prisons? By the time President Trump got into office and made efforts to bring him home, North Korea delivered a broken body and mind to his family evidencing the senseless torture and mistreatment the young man received from North Korea.

Yet, the media is more interested in the surface view presented to the world by North Korea rather than it’s history of truth.

Justice for All? Not This Week.

Disturbing news from the FBI re. the Hillary Clinton case. It undermines the judicial system in the United States and, in essence, makes a mockery of the people who decided to excuse Mrs. Clinton from all her wrong doing. The evidence was stacked against her but she gets away with it. Hey, you wouldn’t want to get in the way of a wrong doer trying to run an presidential election so she can continue with her buying and selling of souls.

As American with enough smarts to know right from wrong, we realized that using a private email server in the course of official government business was not a good idea. Convenient or not in Clinton’s little world, it endangered American people. Emails on any computer are never one hundred percent secure. There is always someone, somewhere who enjoys trying to surf into private cyberspace to see what they can see. As Secretary of State, there would and should be emails of a sensitive nature yet protecting the people who might be involved in various missives obviously didn’t enter into Mrs. Clinton’s mind . . . or she just didn’t really care.

Even though the FBI were open about Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of our nation’s top secrets and that it was totally unacceptable to process State Department information on a private server, Clinton was still given a free pass.

James Comey of the FBI admitted that Clinton basically lied to America about the nature of the emails in question. According to the evidence, about 110 emails were classified . Mrs. Clinton insisted that she never sent or received any classified emails which begs the question: If, as Secretary of State of America, she really didn’t receive or deal with any classified emails, what was she doing as Secretary of State? Wouldn’t the daily running of the office produce information of that nature coming in or going out fairly regularly?

Just to be sure that she covered her, let’s say, bases, the former Secretary of State deleted work-related emails before turning it over to the FBI. Naturally, in the usual Clinton fashion, she claimed in her campaign propaganda that this was not true.

There is hacking going on all the time as some people can find no better use of their time than to invade other people’s private accounts. I’m thinking that emails that should have high security clearance in place, would be a great challenge to both the hobby hacker as well as ones working for foreign governments and willing to sell/provide the information to their intelligence sectors for a price. Isn’t there a very good chance that some of the intelligence that Hillary left on the ‘front stoop’ of her computer antics might be in the hands of governments not friendly to the United States? Did she ever consider this or did she even care? A lot of top-level plans, names, and processes are on state secrets and now how many of them can/will be used against our country’s safety and interests?

The topper to James Comey’s announcement that Hillary had gotten a ‘get out of jail free’ card is that he assured the country that anyone else caught in a similar situation would most likely be punished to the full extent of the law. Does this apply to everyone now on any broken law? What if we cause a car crash that hurts other people due to our incompetence and stupidity. No charges for the first crash? Can we now embezzle money from our place of employment and not be liable to prosecution for this ‘first’ offense?
Carly Fiorina put it best when she said after the disastrous announcement from James Comey. “It’s not just a miscarriage of justice, but a blow to the very heart of democracy. This is a shameful day for the rule of law and the security of our nation no matter what your political beliefs may be.”