Belated Abortion for Two Year Olds?

The devastating waste of college money by parents is coming to light as they discover that instead of learning how to earn a living and being a proper citizen, they seem to feel that life can be snuffed out without a qualm. So much determined ignorance being spewed forth from this baby-faced pro-abort liberal.

I remember how many of the supposedly pro-life Catholics voted in a president two terms in a row who made abortion basically the law of the land. Just shows you that many Catholics either don’t know their Faith or felt ‘issues’ were more important than a living, breathing child. Hope this student never reproduces until he understand the miracle of a child given by God.


Times, They Are Changing . . . And Not Necessarily Improving . . .

Remember when young American men gave up college, home and family to insure the freedom of this country and help defend other countries. How strong, determined, or able are today’s 18-25 year olds when it comes to sacrifice and dedication? And, the world doesn’t help with making things easier and relaxing rules to the detriment of actually functioning as a strong soldier.

People will argue that soldiers need to be ‘nicer’ and that police shouldn’t be so ‘mean’ . . . until you are a victim of a crime or uninvited forces are coming over our border intent on war.

This laxness is getting to be prevalent in many avenues of life and education. We are told math is racist and shouldn’t be taught. Anyone for going to a doctor, pilot, contractor, etc., who can’t do math? Women get a break in military and police training so how’s that going to work out when they can’t pick up the slack when needed in a life or death situation?

Hard to believe that saying anything that doesn’t agree with someone can land you in hot water. That making a statement about your viewpoint can earn you a fine. The future doesn’t look too great when the ones that should be building it are weeping over mean words and patting puppies.

Meat Contributes What to Males?

This woman looks like she could use some protein! She wasted her time researching the effect of meat on meat-eating males? The world is in turmoil, people are being murdered, countries are being attacked and she wants to limit meat to make ‘everything all right’ to her limited world view?