University of Berkeley – Haven of Free Speech!

The University of Berkeley Campus lit up in self-righteous indignation recently as protesters made it known that they disagreed with the scheduled talk by Milo Yiannopoulos. Violent protests actually shut down Milo’s talk and security had to get him and his crew safely away as there were threats of possible bodily harm. You have to wonder exactly what these student ‘intelligentsia were, in reality, protesting and how would Milo Yiannopoulos’ talk deny them of any personal rights.

According to the United States First Amendment to the Constitution, we are allowed:

1. Freedom of speech which means the right to give a talk on just about any subject without threat of violence or being shut down.

2. We have a right to peaceably assemble which is what Milo and his audience were attempting to do in a civilized manner.

Basically, in all things except physical or character harm to another, Milo’s talk should have been able to proceed as planned. If you follow the news, this did not happen and the Berkeley Campus was battered, burned, and property destroyed even after the talk was cancelled. The University of California Berkeley – the site of the student Free Speech Movement of the 1960’s protested free speech. Whatever strength the Berkeley students might have evidenced in the 1960’s was certainly watered down to nothing during their rabid protest against another person’s right to speak and fellow students to listen.

Along with the First Amendment rights so blatantly disregarded on the Berkeley Campus, many other personal rights were ignored.

There were no arrests during the protest even as property was damaged and well-being of others threatened. Don’t people have an unbiased right to police protection?

Freedom from bodily harm was threatened. There is video of a young woman who was attacked and sprayed with pepper spray because she supported the President of the United States. Isn’t she allowed to support the standing President of the United States? What right does someone have to hurt another person because they disagree with them?

What about the people who wished to listen to Milo Yiannopoulos’ talk? Doesn’t every citizen have a right to do so without threat?

What about the administration of the college? Parents who send their children to college do expect there to be some element of safety there.

Strange, too, that so many protesters aka rioters appeared so quickly and with so much organization. It’s almost like they had been paid to do it . . Of course, that could have been determined early on if the police had started making arrests and checking student ID cards.

If you stop to think about the situation, it might be a civil liberties case needed to rectify the Berkeley problem. We do have the First Amendment but everyone has civil rights guaranteed to them, too.

Higher Education, Lower Expectations?

Just when you thought the weather had a chance of changing, the snowflakes are back! Administrators at over thirty colleges and universities have made statements opposing President Trump’s executive order on immigration. Some of the schools are offering counseling and mental health services for the students unable to deal with reality. I bet another load of coloring books are on order and the hot cocoa wagon is just around the corner.

Makes one wonder what happened to the halls of higher learning where one could argue their side of a situation, exchange ideas, perhaps, even yell a bit and no one puddled up into a trampled snowflake because someone disagreed with them. Back in the days when you started growing up in college, if you disagreed, you researched your side and came back with a good, solid, basis for what you thought . . . or shut up when you discovered you were wrong and learned something in the process.

Curing the Current Snowflake Storm

The Snowflake Epidemic

The last few years have brought into being a lot of problems in how people view the world and each other. It has also ushered a great many young people into a more self-centered view of life and how life should treat them rather than how they should assimilate into society. The prevalence of the social malady seems to hover primarily over institutions of higher learning but some of it is starting to infect the high school places of education.

A ‘snowflake’ is a delicate bit of the world that cannot take the heat. Heat is a reality so after a short-lived moment in the sun, it melts away. Well, we have a preponderance of such swarming college campuses these days. They are delicate creatures who take offence to anything that doesn’t agree with their adolescent view of the world and their place in it.

The human ‘snowflakes’ take every thing very seriously. In one event, someone chalked the name ‘Trump’ in chalk on some college campus steps. They had to call in counselors to deal with this. Calling the college maintenance and having them hose it down would seem to be a less anxious option. Then, when too many ‘things’ brought distress to our young students, they demanded a manner of speech restraint so any dissidents against what they wanted to believe would not interfere with a dose of reality. Unfortunately, teachers and professors stood by these tender people and encouraged them to stand their ground. Of course, taking time to protest, took away from study time, and then some had to demand special favors in the grading of their exams like nothing less than a C and forgoing the exams entirely. If there were any pre-med students in the mix, kind of makes one worry about future medical attention in case your ailment was covered in the cancelled exam.

When the anxious voice of the students wasn’t adequately attended to, they demanded and actually were given ‘safe spaces’ where it had to be all sunshine (not the global warming type!), flowers, and good thoughts. Trying to impart a grain of truth into the mix would get you promptly banned from the ‘safe space’.

It is a worrisome phenomenon and doesn’t bode well for the future. Showing my age but when I graduated from just high school, we were considered adults and capable of actually getting a job, supporting a family, or going to college or trade school to learn something for a career. The thought of taking “Literature of the Ancient Druids”, “Comparative Analysis of Main Streaming
Gorillas Into Society”, or “Godzilla: Fact or Fiction” would have been laughed at as how would that further a viable career. Okay, I exaggerated my examples but I imagine there a few in the sacred reality of the scholastic system that would rival them.

Gentle introductions of conversation that even have a tinge of disagreeing with the snowflake generation causes them anxiety. Various people have gone out into the streets to see what young people actually know/understand about the country they live in and the results were abysmal. This is our future and they have no idea of the past and how we arrived at this point in life. They want a feel good/hash tag sort of existence. Morality gets in the way of their freedom so an abortion-minded throw away existence is in place today. Commitment is a cause of anxiety because ‘what happens if they change their mind’ so living together is a beautiful option – never mind the impact of any resultant children of such unions that are allowed to live. The recent resurgence of socialist offers in the Democratic campaigns plays right in to these students lack of knowledge and their ‘me, first’ mentality. Free college for everyone? Do they understand the mechanics of providing such money? Would their professors start working for free in order to possibly make this a viable option? Equality for everyone financially is not a true option. When the masses start realizing that they get the same as everyone else does even though they are working and being taxed and the “enlightened’ snowflakes are living off the land, would they continue to work?

But I get ahead of myself in the grim forecast of the coming future. Most of these young people are still in their parents’ home and already living off the land. So, has a bad economy without enough jobs been fueling this travesty of living? Bad example of hardworking parents? Or, a government who would like to be dominant in our lives and make them dependent on other people’s earnings seem the more worthy of the world. In any event, things are not looking all that rosy if you are able to leave your safe space and study the matter. History repeats itself and, well, when you learn about social justice versus understanding the realities of society and justice . . . history repeats itself.