Holocaust Remembrance Day

I’ve had the blessing of visiting Dachau, Germany on two occasions. Why would I call it a blessing? A blessing in that this particular period of history is past and I got to see first-hand what people can do to each other when they decide a group of people don’t deserve to live. I got to walk through Anne Frank’s hiding place and realized how precious freedom could be when a group of people hid out in very cramped quarters in hopes of outliving the duration of a war on them because they were Jewish.

Today, we should be remembering the horrors of that time in history when animals took over an expanse of the world and did horrible things to innocent people. Although we would all like to breath a heartfelt sigh of relief and should be taking to heart to slogan “Never Again!”, recent history and the current times now reflects a return of bias towards the Jewish community with the added scenario that Christians are now included in the onslaught.

Right now, unless you look for the information, you may still be pretty complacent and ignorant about your freedoms. If you rely on the government to preserve your freedoms, you haven’t been paying attention.

When Salad Isn’t Healthy . . .

Seems to me that with the general lack of discipline in the world, why are we surprised when some of our healthy groceries are not always grown, prepared for market, and placed in the stores for sale in the most humanly best condition? That’s when we have to get proactive on our own behalf and either raise such vegetation for ourselves or make sure we clean what we purchase far and above what we think it will need.

My rules are:

Nothing goes into my refrigerator that isn’t washed.

No bagged greens and lettuce. Yes, the packages claim they have been washed two or three times . . . but no mention about whether the water was changed all those times.

Always disinfect salad greens and vegetables.

If the fruit or melon has a skin, actually soap and water wash the outside before cutting through to the inside. Think about it! When the knife goes through a tainted skin, it could be dragging whatever germs, etc., that are sure to be on the outside across the fruit you are going to eat on the inside.

Ever think about washing a banana before handing it to your child? Why not? The peel protects the banana but what will protect you from the peel that has been around while and touched and handled in shipping and in the store.

Our Brave New World . . .

There is a faction of ‘experts’ who would prefer that at the birth of your baby, you should not immediately pin a gender into their profile of life. The doctor should announce, “You have a healthy baby!” I guess when you change your baby later on you should ignore the obvious.

Now, it seems a title for babies is being pronounced. People are having ‘theybys’. What joy to announce to the world that you have just delivered into the world a child missing a gender assignment even though God, had, in fact,
provided physical proof.

I prefer the olden days when the grandfather stated definitely that he wanted a grandson and called the new baby a boy for his dynasty. I was thrilled when after having had a BOY, I delivered a baby girl and happily informed the grandmother that she now had a granddaughter.

Yes, there seem to be problems with identity for some people and they can deal with the issue in a way that works for them. I don’t think, however, that a minority should dictate to the majority what they can or should title their infant. As to a child figuring out life for him or herself. . . Look around the world today. Many of the college students haven’t figured themselves out yet or faced the realities of the world with sense and sensibility. Why would anyone think that an infant to toddler-aged baby would be at a point in life to make life changing decision.