Pots and Pans and Mortality!

After making due with only adequate cooking pots and pans, we finally found the cookware of our dreams a few years ago and it was selling at an unheard of price. My husband and I treated ourselves and have enjoyed using these stainless steels pans ever since.

I was busy scrubbing out one of my pots, wanting to keep it’s like-new shine. My husband remarked, “You know, these pots will out live us!” That brought me up short as I looked at my reflection in the pot’s surface. It was hard to take in that, some day, the pot might still be around and useful while I was long gone from the physical world! My children are all growing up quickly and I had to face the fact that I was of an age where I could soon cease to exist on earth. Yes, anyone can be taken anytime but the older you get, the more you realize that you are more likely than a youth to finish out your time. It made me think.

The pots were extremely sturdy and durable. Unless something of an extreme nature occurred, they would be useful long after they became too heavy for me to lift. It makes you start considering your present usefulness and if you are taking full advantage of the time you have left. Since you don’t know what time you have left, you start feeling that you have to fill in the now with whatever usefulness brings joy into your life, makes your family happy, gives tribute to your friends, and puts your soul in line with what God expects of you.

Interesting how much thought can be provoked in the process of washing out a pot, how much mortality can be found in a reflection.