Persecution of Christians – That’s Okay?

The persecution of Christians has literally been going on since the inception of Christianity but one would think that in a modern and sane world, this would be a problem of bygone days. The president throws the word ‘tolerance’ in our collective faces on every occasion that presents itself . . . but Christians don’t seem to deserve the same respect.

According to a report by the Gatestone Institute, more and more Christians are being slaughtered every day, however, the leaders of the free world and the church don’t seem to be taking real action. Global warming seems to be the threat of the day. Why isn’t the wholesale murder of innocent people not being denounced strongly throughout the world? I always heard that genocide wasn’t a good or productive act by any country yet this intolerance against Christians goes basically disregarded by the people who have the power to make a difference.

The Gatestone Institute sets forth in the article linked above that the Whitehouse said it was preparing a statement against the Islamic State in regards to genocide against various groups BUT the obama powers that be say that Christians ‘do not appear to meet the high bar set out in the genocide treaty.” Now, how does that make sense coming for an allegedly Christians nation that persecuted Christians in a Muslim nations don’t deserve assistance as much as people of other denominations. Yet, the administration continues to import Muslim refugees from Muslim countries instead of helping the Christians. Right now, Christians are the true refugee as they are definitely not safe in predominantly Muslim countries. Instead, radicasl are allowed to exist in our cities to create acts of violence as we saw in the recent San Bernardino Terrorist attack.

So far, the Pope hasn’t been much more help. The world is becoming a selfish void of people wanting their ‘safe space’, political correctness, and demands for other people’s money instead of hard work.

The linked article above goes into much more detail about how so many leaders are letting a genocide happen while they ponder imaginary global warming and the right to silence people’s right to live and speak their mind.

Christians are a prayerful group as a whole. And I’m sure that many of them pray for our county, specifically the president every night. I have to wonder what would happen if we completely stopped our prayers for the president. Would he notice or has he really become so hardened to the cries of the horribly persecuted Christians of the Middle East.

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