October 27th – Who Was Where Then?

History that happen on October 27th long before the year 2015! I always like to see where we have been in comparison to where we are today. Only a few of the many events that happened over the years on this day. Everyone has their interests and these are a few that caught my attention. Personally, I hate to think about what the world a century from now will think about all the events that happened this October, 2015.

1553 – Michael Servetus, who discovered the pulmonary circulation of the blood, is burned for heresy in Switzerland.
1775 – King George III speaks to parliament on American rebellion
1791 – President George Washington sends Congress the results of the first United States census, exclusive of South Carolina which had not yet submitted its findings.
1806 – Emperor Napoleon enters Berlin.
1864 – Battle of Hatcher’s Run (Civil War)
1873 – Joseph Glidden applies for a patent on his barbed wire design
1891 – D. B. Downing, inventor, is awarded a patent for the street mail box.
1904 – New York City subway opens
1927 – Fox Movie-tone news, the first sound news film, is released.
1940 – De Gaulle sets up the Empire Defense Council
1940 – Mafia boss, John Gotti born.
1941 – In a broadcast to the nation, President Franklin Roosevelt declares: “America has been attacked, the shooting has started.” He does not ask for full-scale war at that point.
1962 – The United States and Soviet Union step back from the brink of Nuclear war.
1970 – Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber release Jesus Christ Superstar
1994 – United State Prison population exceeds one million.
2004 – Red Sox win first championship since 1918

What Happened Today?