An Obama Legacy . . .

Noted this on Rush Limbaugh’s page:
“Despite the best efforts of who knows how many people, the inexplicable has happened. On the day before the 14th anniversary of 9/11, the United States Senate sustained the Iranian Nuclear Deal freeing Barack Hussein Obama to lift sanctions on the Iranian regime, which will for the most part immediately provide them with between $100 billion and $150 billion.”

God help the world especially Israel.

Interesting to note that both North Korea and Iran got a foot up in nuclear capability from US presidents – Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

The Ragged Old Flag . . .

As many sane people know, the world is spiraling in an often downward route. The government representatives we voted in put aside campaign promised the day after they were sworn in for the most part, and we stand in shock wondering how things will ever turn around again. Perhaps, if all the ignorant flag burners would come out of their ‘safe’ places, learn a little history and respect, they might realize that their fast food, fast cars, and fast phones were earned with work, sweat, and much blood shed. When they burn the flag, they are damaging an inheritance of valor and strength. Hoping they discover this before they wonder what happened and then continue on like a bunch of sheep to the slaughter.