National Nut Day, National Color Day – Pick Your Celebration!

It has come to my attention that we have special days every day to celebrate aspects of our lives. I did some research after learning it was ‘back to the future day’ yesterday in sort of a commemoration the sequel to the Back to the Future movie where they went into the future . . . which was October 21, 2015!

Today, for your edification, I give you National Nut Day! Yes, today we honor the nuts in our life as in the almonds, walnuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, etc., that find their way into our diet from time to time. I suppose the healthiest way to remember this day would be to eat a handful of raw, unsalted nuts. If votes were being tallied, I’d say we should all bake something sweet, gooey, and nutty for dessert tonight.

There have been studies (getting back to the healthy aspect!) that indicate that people who enjoy a variety of nuts in their regular diet, might be earning themselves some protections against coronary heart disease. Walnuts and almonds, in particular may lower serum LDL cholesterol concentrations. The advantage being that adding nuts to the daily diet might give one a few years longer on this earth. This would also be predicated on the assumption that the nuts would replace junk food at snack time! Always a catch to the good news, huh?

Well, today, October 22, 2015 gets a double celebration as it is also National Color Day! We all have a favorite color(s). Different colors can recall memories and meanings to individuals. You can also guess a lot about people just by the colors they lean towards in decorating their homes and the colors they wear most frequently.

I looked it up and the following is one view on the perceived meaning of colors in the United States. Wonder if they are much the same world wide?

Strength, power, excitement, love
(Aren’t red roses the usual gift for people in love and on Valentine’s Day?)

Happiness, comfort, sense of well-being.
(On a perfect, sunny day, isn’t it hard to feel anything but some joy?)

Envy, gentleness, relaxation, peacefulness, good taste
(Spring green and the coming of summer? The peace of a lawn chair, cool drink in a garden?)

Corporate, quality, power
(If you watch politicians, lots of blue and red ties in evidence – political and/or corporate power?)

Authority, power
(You ever talk back to anyone with blue or lavender rinsed hair?)

Sincerity, softness
(Well, pink IS for girls!)

Active, Rugged, practical

Grief, fear
(Black is the absence of all color and that sounds pretty scary and something to fear! Funerals are generally respected by people attending in dark or black colors.)

Purity, optimism
(Wedding, First Communions, special occasions find white or very light colors to be the usual norm. Some countries, however, wear white for funerals.)