Reliving History Won’t Change History

Recently, Michelle Obama said in a speech that she ‘hates waking up every morning in a house built by slaves. One has to wonder at the mind set of people who continually play the race card in the face of where they are and what is going on in life. This isn’t the first time the first lady, the woman supposedly standing by the president to represent and support the laws and people of the United States, has tried to increase the racial gap instead of healing it. According to various polls, there has been no improvement in race relations for the last almost-eight years . . . and guess what race was in office? A good many people voted for the first black man to be in office as they felt this would be the mending of differences between the races.

I wonder if Mrs. Obama has stopped to think on those mornings she wakes up in the White House that just her presence there says something about how the United States has changed in respect to the melting pot of races living in the United States today. How can she complain about waking up in the White House when she does have the honor of residing there for her husband’s terms of office. She has a large entourage of staff to see to every need or whim. She travels freely and for free on Air Force One. While she talks about inequality among the races with special barbs toward whites, she wears dresses costing thousands of dollars and has had more than a few luxury vacations, yet she claims to wake up each morning in bitterness.

You would think her mornings in the White House would bring her a moment of joy in just thinking about being a resident of the White House. Her children attend an exclusive school and have gotten to see the world. Her every word is on the news, in print, and repeated but she still feels life is not fair for people of color. She and her family are historically the first black family in the White House but she feels a need to degrade the country for waiting so long for this to happen and dwelling on a history that cannot be changed. It happened, it wasn’t good, but the world is changing as evidence by the current residents of the White House.

And, in considering her adamant and constant defense of blacks and their plight, she overlooks the part of her duties as first lady to represent all of us. Her slights against whites in her speeches is interesting as both she and her husband have white relatives. I guess that in this current mood of you can be what you perceive yourself to be gives her the right to ignore her background and pretend to be untainted by white blood.

Another interesting side note is that both she and her husband dwell a lot on the plight of the poor in America, mostly among blacks. This link kind of puts a different light on that, too.
I think that everyone in life has been a victim of some prejudice, whether great or minor, and it hurt. My mother and grandmother were the only Catholics in a Lutheran town in Germany. I grew up in a neighborhood where I was taunted for being a Catholic kid. Even in the context of parish life, there is prejudice and slights going on. But when someone like the first lady finds herself to be in that exalted position, you would think she would use the office to promote well-being between people and take a neutral stand instead of using the office to vent her spleen over the past instead of working with the American people to build a future.