Not Surprising . . .

Although many of us have had an inkling, mildly speaking, that there is trouble brewing in the Catholic Church, the statistics we heard at Mass put it into a shocking perspective. For every new Catholic welcomed into the Church, six Catholics leave.

For anyone who is shocked and appalled at this statement . . . tell me, where have you been over the last several decades?

How did you miss the change wrought by the onset of feminism and it’s effect on the women, men, and children? Supposedly, women felt a need to climb down from the proverbial pedestal of respect and be treated like a man. Well, that isn’t working out too well as so many women turn their back on the real power of being a women, wife, and mother to spend their life trying to find themselves while demeaning men and just about anyone else that doesn’t agree with them. When would they have time for God. Besides, God is too Patriarchal for them.

Abortion isn’t a quiet issue as it is almost praised and revered for ‘freeing’ women from the unwonted burden of giving a child life. Lack of chastity and women’s newfound freedom isn’t working out all that well. Repentance and confession doesn’t fit into the mind set of their perceived freedom so they don’t need or want the disapproval of the Church or reminders about saints who gave up everything to respect God.

As has often been said in such times, it seems that good is now bad and bad is now the new good. Fake news, warped news, and liberal news confuse the masses to the point they can’t see going to Mass.

Modesty is ridiculed, fashions bare all, there are protests and parades in public you wouldn’t want your child to see. Freedom of speech is waning quickly. There is a lot more that could be said for the slippery slope on which we’ve set civilization. So, if you are shocked at the dwindling numbers of vocations and the people leaving the Church, again, where have you been?

If nothing else, the elections of President Trump’s predecessor should have been a major clue when over 50% of the Catholic vote in both of those elections went to elect a very staunch supporter of abortion and Planned Parenthood. When you knowingly vote to help kill the unborn, it kind of makes honoring God a contradiction in terms.

Liberal Ramblings . . .

I was talking to a liberal and, as usual, tried to keep topics on a bland level rather than incur the rabid responses we have come to expect from them. I mentioned an interesting item in the news about a fast food place that had put a sign in their window that was causing a lot of debated in their town. The offensive sign? The sign said that uniformed police would get their meals free here. The person I was talking with said, “Well, if that place wants to give the police special privileges, that’s their business.” Somewhat surprised at the response, I said, “I would call it more of a ‘thank you’ to the on-duty police who protect their city.” The other person said, “They are only giving them special privileges because they wear a uniform not because they are necessarily good policemen.” I mused, “Well, what if they just quietly gave the police a ‘paid in full’ receipt and didn’t advertise it on the door?” My friend replied, “Would still be a special privilege since they only honor uniforms.”

You have to wonder who some of these liberal-minded people are going to call if someone assaults them or breaks into their home. Perhaps, they can demand a plain-clothed policeman?

Cardinal Newman on Liberalism

“Liberalism in religion is the doctrine that there is no positive truth in religion, but that one creed is as good as another, and this is the teaching which is gaining substance and force daily. It is inconsistent with any recognition of any religion, as true. It teaches that all are to be tolerated, for all are matters of opinion.”

“By liberalism, I mean false liberty of thought, or the exercise of thought upon matters, in which, from the constitution of the human mind, thought cannot be brought to any successful issue, and therefore is out of place. Among such matters are first principles of any kind; and of these the most sacred and momentous are especially to be reckoned the truths of revelation.”

How the World Got This Way . . .

In the last 1800’s, Father Felix Sarda Y Salvany, in order to clarify the effect of a heresy penetrating the church and workplace, wrote the book “Liberalism is a Sin”. Given the date of the writing, one might think that this wouldn’t be a problem in today’s world but just look at the laws, the demands, the elected officials that have invaded our sanctity of life and freedoms. The book is not long but so full of facts and frightening revelations, one can’t expect to relate to much of it in the context of an essay. The surprising thing about the book is that upon reading it, you tend to forget that it was written ‘way back then’ as every word is pertinent to our world today and that is not a good thing. Basically, the books sets out four permanent causes of Liberalism which I will share with you in hopes of enticing you to get the book for yourself and read the whole thing and really start to look around our world today and realize the massive impact with which Liberalism has burdened us.

From Chapter 26: Permanent Causes of Liberalism from Liberalism is a Sin:

1. Corruption of Morals. Well, that is enough said almost within itself and we realize how it has brought down literature, morals with condoned public and private immoralities. “Liberalism is the program of naturalism. Free thought begets free morals or immorality. Restraint is thrown off and a free rein gives in to the passions. “WHOEVER THINKS WHAT HE PLEASES WILL DO WHAT HE PLEASES.”

2. Journalism. Just observing the biased view of the news in this election period points out how deep-seated the blight has become on every aspect of journalism. The news is filtered through the liberals in command and truth is seldom an option in the reporting. Basically, liberals glorify the bad and hush up any good that might contradict the evil influences. “In spite of themselves, by the ubiquity of the press, people are forced to live in a liberal atmosphere.”

3. General ignorance in matters of religion. “ . . . Liberalism has applied itself to the task of cutting them off from all communication with that which alone is able to lay bare its imposture —the Church.” It has always been the goal of Liberals to destroy religious life in order to further entrench the goals of Liberalism. Just a look around the world will show how easily they have accomplished this from over-regulating education, threatening clergy from speaking out against Liberalism, and promoting ‘naturalism’. How many voted for the ‘popular’ candidate in the last two presidential elections? From the first rally, Mr. Obama made himself clear about where he was coming from and has since criticized aspects of Christianity in favor of sinful avenues of political propaganda. I guess the #3 subject line is true because if Catholics/Christians truly knew their Bible and faith, they could not have voted for an avowed supporter of abortion . . . yet, the Catholics, themselves did so overwhelmingly in both elections. I even had priests tell me that voting for him was the right vote. Over the last decades, the Church has made things too easy with cutting back on fasting, cancelling Holy Days of Obligation when they fall on inconvenient days and downsizing the requirements to receive the sacraments. If they had consulted mothers raising two year olds, they could have learned that every time you do not enforce a rule and exact a punishment, the less the children are going to obey and the less they obey, the further they wander from the truth.

4. Secular Education. “To gain the child is to secure the man.” You take God out of the equation, you take reason out of the outcome. “Secularism is naturalism, the denial of the supernatural.” To the majority of parents who involve themselves in their children’s education, this should be obvious. However, the selfie-taking, media-drenched world often distracts and if the parents have been infected with even a bit of Liberalism, they might not realize what is truly at stake. “Snatch the soul of the child from the breast of its mother the Church,” says Liberalism, “and I will conquer the world.”