Open Borders – Some People Should Practice What they Preach

Poet Robert Frost once stated in a famous poem that, “Good fences make good neighbors”. Seems like an excellent bit of advice that is not seriously considered by the liberal factions in our world today. You know, the politicians and celebrities that live in gated communities and have ‘good fences’ to keep out us lower class factions. Yet, the ones making the most noise about free for all open borders are none other than politicians and celebrities along with the minions they have brainwashed into believing this even if some of the more vocal ones don’t  live it.

My mother was born and raised in Germany and she managed to save up enough money, she took me to visit relatives in Germany. We had to have a passport because every   border we crossed in our travels actually and thoroughly checked them. It was near impossible to get in and out of a country without a passport. This could definitely be considered a ‘closed’ border to everyone until you presented proof of being eligible to be there.

I was in Munich when the infamous olympic attack occurred. I was traveling with friends and one of them was Hispanic.  Because of this event, when we crossed borders in and out of Germany, not only were passports carefully scrutinized but they also had a huge tome of pictures of suspects. Since the attack was on the Jewish olympians, they were looking for a certain race. Well,  one friend and I were checked and waved through but when our Hispanic friend’s turn came, they looked at his passport, looked at him, and then looked through their book. Our friend didn’t take offence that his complexion lead the passport control to check a bit further and it was an ongoing bit of humor on that score. Why didn’t he get angry? Because he was traveling in another country and they had their laws and he abided by them.

My son and I visited Germany six years ago and our passports basically only left our pockets when we left the USA, arrived at our first destination, when we left the last country, and when we arrived back in the States. One couldn’t help but wonder how many were able to slip through but I guess the current situations overseas explains that now.

I don’t think opening up our borders into the United States is a solution to any problems we are having with immigration. I don’t think people respect a gift unless they have to work for it. I know what I’m talking about as my mother was an immigrant and I remember how hard she studied for her history test, how well she learned to speak English, and the fact that she had two, well-respected sponsors in the community to vouch for her. Her first concern after she was naturalized was to register to vote.

So, I’m thinking that if the people who are demanding open borders and are in the Congress and Senate and will eventually get to vote on this situation should live by their ‘open borders’ battle cry and be forbidden to have gated communities or solid brick walls surrounding their properties. They shouldn’t be allowed to have armed security but that is in itself another topic of discussion. I wouldn’t make them leave their doors unlocked but if they truly feel that mass, undocumented immigration into the country is a viable path for a successful future, it shouldn’t bother them to leave their ‘personal borders’ unlocked. What are they afraid of!

The US State of the Union Today

The talk all week is preventing a government shutdown due to budget disagreements between the Democrats and the Republicans. Generally, the Republicans tend to cave in order to prevent this and the Democrats get their monetary wants granted. That’s not happening this time around as the Republicans seem to have found their backbone and wouldn’t grant the Democrats all they want just to appease them to the neglect of the real needs facing the country.

The major argument was amnesty to over 800,000 dreamers although some news show it being many more than that. I’m not against allowing people a course of study towards citizenship but why should they go ahead of the line or get a free pass when other immigrants are doing it the legal way, studying their material for immigration, and waiting their turn in line? However, rather than try and find a middle ground the Democrats decide to flash their dominance to the world by going with a government shutdown.  Interesting to note that  the Democrats didn’t seem worried about the fact that it would impact the pay for our already underpaid military. I can’t imagine the stress of not knowing when the paychecks would come again for the wives at home caring for children and trying to make ends meet. Then there are the men overseas living in rough conditions worrying about their families. It certainly points out rather clearly that when it comes to a choice of helping over 800,000 undocumented people get a free ride into citizenship or the families and people who insure we have the safety to live here as citizens, the Democrats have their priorities skewed.

I hope Americans begin to realize that these politicians that are currently seeing to the deprivation of the military’s hard earned income, realize they might have voted for said politicians based on the erroneous assumption that they would represent their constituents.

Something Wrong With These Numbers?

Under the current regime, which we pray will step down without any last-minute drama, things has not been as great as the media and liberals would like to have us believe. Perhaps the hash-tagged, hopeful headlines give them hope that change has happened but hope was misplaced and change didn’t happen for the common good.

There was an outrage over the sad state of medical treatment for our veterans which still isn’t settled to any optimal extent. Various government funding is being pared down. Rumor has it that Social Security will be a victim of this. You know, the only income for some citizens who worked their whole lives and contributed to it. With every incident of gun violence against unarmed citizens, we get a gun control lecture instead of sympathy and encouragement to protect ourselves.

We have been told more than once that ISIS and their ilk are under control. Seems that would be a hard sell in Orlando, Florida, San Bernardino, California, Paris, France, Munich, Germany and this doesn’t take in the isolated assaults on states and countries where people are hurt and killed by people who shouldn’t have been there in the first place or were not followed properly with the safeguards we are supposed to have in place.

So, basically, we are in serious arrears in caring for our own citizens, there is a huge, legal waiting list for citizenship, yet we are supposed to be welcoming to people who can’t be vetted to the tune of thousands per year with free entrance into our country. Interesting, too, is that there should be both Christian and Muslim refugees fleeing but I haven’t heard of resettling too many Christians.

Even though the numbers listed above are seemingly low per state, remember that most of the current attacks were accomplished by few people. One bad apple does spoil the whole bunch . . .

The exiting president still wants to override Congress and Senate and bring in something like 10,000 more refugees. If the proposed Democratic nominee wins, she vows to bring in 500,000 per each year of her term in office. I guess she took pantsuit and refugee advice from Angela Merkel seeing as how well this has worked out in Germany.