Gun Reform vs. Actual Gun Knowledge

“Common Sense” Gun Control Lies Exposed

That’s How He Got Into Office . . .

WATCH: Idiot Libs Sign Petition To Repeal Second Amendment, Allow Only Criminals To Have Guns

Gun Control vs. Abortion

“I’m sorry. Let me get this straight. A guy walks into a classroom and shoots 20 children causing a nation to believe it’s time to re-examine gun laws?

In 2012, in the United States alone 1.2 MILLION unborn children were hacked apart and discarded like trash but that’s OK? I think it’s time for our nation to re-examine it’s morals.”

And, the argument for more gun control laws continues even though California’s recent terrorist attack and Chicago’s ongoing gun murder rate reflects that cities and states with some of the strictest gun control laws aren’t finding they work. Tell me, how many lives might have been saved if just one person in the San Bernardino shooting had had a concealed carry? What would happen if the rampaging gun attacks in Chicago met with citizens who could fight back and help uphold the peace.

“Every genocide in history has been preceded by civilian disarmament.” Governments murdered 170 million unarmed innocent civilians in the 20th century. This century will be in the billions if the UN is able to disarm the world as they plan.