Attention Voters in Southern California Area!

As seems to be an ongoing ploy, we are having an election in November for being a member of the Board of Directors, West Valley Water District. Since it is a one vote ballot, having the election on its own almost insures a small turnout so every vote is important. According to my conversation with the committee supporting the election of Greg Young, he is set to not only overturn the rate increase put into effect years ago and lasting longer than originally promised, he is hopeful to actually try and get back the people of Rialto some sort of rebates. I make it a policy to never vote for incumbents in Rialto so anyone who is interested in any changes put into place by incumbents has my vote for the change. Greg Young has a Facebook page which can probably answer any questions.

Just thought I’d pass this on. Don’t forget to vote on November 3rd. We each have a vote so we should make it count no matter how small the election.