Charlie Gard – Not An Isolated Case

The reason we can’t and shouldn’t put aside the Charlie Gard case is that it isn’t an isolated event. If we put it aside and ‘go on with our lives’, it will only empower the hospitals and courts to make more and more decisions for our lives and not usually for the betterment of our lives.

Fantasy, Politics, and the World of Today

With every news report facing us each morning, most of us realize there is something really wrong going on in our world today. The fact that so many people seem to think everything is fine and work even harder toward causing division in the world is beyond belief especially when you consider the good such people could accomplish with common sense and a Christian attitude. Pipe dreams aside, you probably have trouble understanding the whys of so many events today.

The major issue that has always caused wrinkled foreheads trying to decipher the why of it all is the fact that if you hurt or kill a pregnant woman and, subsequently her unborn baby, you will be liable for murder of both the woman and the child. BUT, legally and up to the point of birth in some situations, it is very legal in our country to kill a baby in the womb without a problem of legality or a case of murder. When a concerned citizen exposed the selling of baby parts with proof in the Planned Parenthood clinics, the concerned citizen faces lawsuits and Planned Parenthood seems to be the victim . . . and babies still die needlessly.

Now we are faced with a lot of changes in our country and a multitude of refugees are flooding our borders. As good Americans, these people are provided for . . . while our veterans continue to receive substandard treatment in some cases and so many are actually homeless and mistreated. When I was growing up, my mother was generous with the little we had at the time but the family still came first even if we cut back a bit in order to help another. That doesn’t seem to be a priority today with the men and women who come back from war situations and have to fight for their lives to live here.

Although not nearly as rampant as Europe, we are experiencing hurt and death from some of the refugees who seek refuge here. Towns and cities are expected to take up the slack on this while the government keeps allowing more in than can be dealt with right now. Many of the Muslim refugees will not assimilate so we face many of their religious requirements that are not in line with life in America today. Welfare was stretching quite thin before this influx of refugees and isn’t getting any better now. You have to stop and think about how many citizens in our country do pay taxes and how much longer can we consider having the government look good and gracious on our hard-earned dime.

So many of the politicians we, the people, have voted into office care more about their agenda than represent the interests of the people who voted for them. Just this week, one politician was leading a crowd in chanting about impeaching the President. I know this isn’t a perfect world but with several other countries who wouldn’t mind seeing the United States fail and a small country who keeps trying to get their missiles to hit our coast, you would think petty difference and post-traumatic shock from the presidential election would be put aside in trying to protect and save our country.

The name calling, abrasive behavior, the distorted truths fire off from the losing side of the November 2016 election isn’t changing anyone’s mind about the way the votes went last year. They thwart every move President Trump makes and blurs the needs that have to be dealt with while they continue to obsess over the country’s rejection of their candidate’s election to office. There are gatherings (aka riots) most every week in mourning for their fantasies about how the world could have been perfect . . . if only.
Guess that common sense isn’t readily available these days. It certainly doesn’t seem to be coming from the halls of higher learning. We have a good many problems that need to be addressed soon in our country if only the world could come up with a miracle . . . not for the fountain of youth but for the sense needed to finally grow up.

Curing the Current Snowflake Storm

The Snowflake Epidemic

The last few years have brought into being a lot of problems in how people view the world and each other. It has also ushered a great many young people into a more self-centered view of life and how life should treat them rather than how they should assimilate into society. The prevalence of the social malady seems to hover primarily over institutions of higher learning but some of it is starting to infect the high school places of education.

A ‘snowflake’ is a delicate bit of the world that cannot take the heat. Heat is a reality so after a short-lived moment in the sun, it melts away. Well, we have a preponderance of such swarming college campuses these days. They are delicate creatures who take offence to anything that doesn’t agree with their adolescent view of the world and their place in it.

The human ‘snowflakes’ take every thing very seriously. In one event, someone chalked the name ‘Trump’ in chalk on some college campus steps. They had to call in counselors to deal with this. Calling the college maintenance and having them hose it down would seem to be a less anxious option. Then, when too many ‘things’ brought distress to our young students, they demanded a manner of speech restraint so any dissidents against what they wanted to believe would not interfere with a dose of reality. Unfortunately, teachers and professors stood by these tender people and encouraged them to stand their ground. Of course, taking time to protest, took away from study time, and then some had to demand special favors in the grading of their exams like nothing less than a C and forgoing the exams entirely. If there were any pre-med students in the mix, kind of makes one worry about future medical attention in case your ailment was covered in the cancelled exam.

When the anxious voice of the students wasn’t adequately attended to, they demanded and actually were given ‘safe spaces’ where it had to be all sunshine (not the global warming type!), flowers, and good thoughts. Trying to impart a grain of truth into the mix would get you promptly banned from the ‘safe space’.

It is a worrisome phenomenon and doesn’t bode well for the future. Showing my age but when I graduated from just high school, we were considered adults and capable of actually getting a job, supporting a family, or going to college or trade school to learn something for a career. The thought of taking “Literature of the Ancient Druids”, “Comparative Analysis of Main Streaming
Gorillas Into Society”, or “Godzilla: Fact or Fiction” would have been laughed at as how would that further a viable career. Okay, I exaggerated my examples but I imagine there a few in the sacred reality of the scholastic system that would rival them.

Gentle introductions of conversation that even have a tinge of disagreeing with the snowflake generation causes them anxiety. Various people have gone out into the streets to see what young people actually know/understand about the country they live in and the results were abysmal. This is our future and they have no idea of the past and how we arrived at this point in life. They want a feel good/hash tag sort of existence. Morality gets in the way of their freedom so an abortion-minded throw away existence is in place today. Commitment is a cause of anxiety because ‘what happens if they change their mind’ so living together is a beautiful option – never mind the impact of any resultant children of such unions that are allowed to live. The recent resurgence of socialist offers in the Democratic campaigns plays right in to these students lack of knowledge and their ‘me, first’ mentality. Free college for everyone? Do they understand the mechanics of providing such money? Would their professors start working for free in order to possibly make this a viable option? Equality for everyone financially is not a true option. When the masses start realizing that they get the same as everyone else does even though they are working and being taxed and the “enlightened’ snowflakes are living off the land, would they continue to work?

But I get ahead of myself in the grim forecast of the coming future. Most of these young people are still in their parents’ home and already living off the land. So, has a bad economy without enough jobs been fueling this travesty of living? Bad example of hardworking parents? Or, a government who would like to be dominant in our lives and make them dependent on other people’s earnings seem the more worthy of the world. In any event, things are not looking all that rosy if you are able to leave your safe space and study the matter. History repeats itself and, well, when you learn about social justice versus understanding the realities of society and justice . . . history repeats itself.

Freedom of Speech Mixed With Hypocrisy

There have been threats of boycotts of Georgia, Mississippi, and North Carolina because of criticism of state religious liberty measures being enacted. It seems, however, that the almighty dollar eases into first place when it comes to various vocal companies who, while they say they stand with the side of the gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual citizens of the United States, their work ethics seem to say otherwise. While these companies are actively threatening the above mentioned states, their companies are situated in countries that are most adamantly against the people they say they support. While these companies are using their freedoms of speech and choice, their actual business practices seem to show them turning a blind eye to reality.

Big corporations have come out to criticize state religious liberty measures in Georgia, Mississippi, and North Carolina as discriminating against those who aren’t heterosexual, some going as far as to propose boycotting states that enact such laws.

Unilever’s CEO said that many businesses would boycott Georgia’s HB 757 religious liberty bill if it were signed into law. BUT, Unilever has facilities in countries like Algeria and Tunisia that make homosexual activity illegal.

Microsoft company president said that he was very much opposed to Georgia’s HB 757 even as the company goes along with censorship policies in China.

An Intel CEO also in opposition to the pending Georgia HB 757 bill yet is working with Vietnam’s government which ‘bans all independent political parties, labor unions, and human rights organizations.’

Bruce Springsteen opted out of scheduled appearances in North Carolina in protest of recently enacted religious liberty laws. Did they remember that they organization has venues and hosts events in places like the United Arab Emirates who doesn’t share their stand on the religious liberty matter?

AMC Networks seems to be good at taking a stand for one side yet maintaining business practices with countries who are opposed to that stand. AMC broadcasts in Russia who enacted anti-gay laws.

Time Warner says the religious liberty bill in Georgia actually violates vales and inclusion and discrimination. Time Warner’s empire extends into Singapore which bans homosexual activity.

Walt Disney and Marvel Entertainment join the hypocritical companies claiming one thing and taking advantage of another. The Disney folks are investing billions into a theme park in Shanghai where this communist state has no laws protecting people from discrimination on gender identity. I wonder how they will call that park ‘the happiest place on earth’ except for depositing their financial take each day.

And a good, old power company, General Electric, taps in with their ‘sincere’ upset over the Mississippi ‘discriminatory law while still doing business in Saudi Arabia, a country where they provide jail time and lashings for using social media for meeting same-sex partners.

PayPal will be punishing North Carolina by canceling proposed plans for new business centers in Charlotte, North Carolina. North Carolina’s ‘bathroom law’, according to PayPal perpetuates discrimination which goes against the principles of their company . . . except, supposedly, when it comes to having service in Mauritania, Yemen, Somalia, and Saudi Arabia where homosexuality is punishable with death. In Nigeria, the punishment could be caning, death by stoning, or imprisonment.

Apple Inc. spoke out against Mississippi’s bill and the North Carolina bill. Their statement was, “Our future as Americans should be focused on inclusion and prosperity, and not discrimination and division.” Again, an outspoken company fails to think past their soapbox to realize that their ‘word’ doesn’t always extend past their profit margin. Another company in China, specifically, the Xinjiang region that has ethnic discrimination, religious repression and cultural suppression.

Netflix offers service to Libya. Enough said as we all know where that country stands on human right and freedom of religion.

The Sony empire is pledging to boycott Georgia over the disputed bill while also have an office in Kazakhstan where freedom of expression and peaceful assembly is restricted and punishable. So, if Sony wanted to stand up for what it is protesting in the United States over on Kazakhstan soil, it could be a problem?

(Basically, Mississippi signed a bill to protect ‘sincerely held religious beliefs or moral convictions’. HB 1523 would not limit any constitutionally protected rights or actions of any citizens of the state. North Carolina signed HB2 requiring individuals to use public restrooms that corespond to their biological sex.)

Disney Doesn’t Support Freedom of Religion?

It is getting to be that freedom of choice and religious freedom aren’t always free if the choices of the faithful are not politically correct.