Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

The ‘writing on the wall’ has been in existence for decades and decades. As the years go by, we have have had the battle between comfort and faith. Our choices have caused many to turn a blind eye to what is actually evolving and disrespecting the remnant that dare speak of these worries  about what is happening before our eyes.

Making Friends for the Hereafter!

“As we enter Heaven, we will see them, so many of them, coming toward us and thanking us. We will ask who they are and they will say: ‘A poor soul you prayed for in purgatory.'” -Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Working With Divine Mercy

“There is always hope for the man who knows that he is doing wrong; but there is no hope for the man who is doing wrong and calls the wrong right. The Catholic gets off the road like anyone else, but he never throws away the map.” Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen (Wartime Prayer Book)

The Final Conflict . . .

“We do know that at the end of time, when the great conflict between the forces of good and evil takes place, Satan will appear without the Cross, as the Great Philanthropist and Social Reformer to become the final temptation of mankind.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen (Life of Christ)

Pilate Condemns . . .

Did you know that I was silent seven times at My trial? I spoke as a Shepherd; I was silent as a sheep. I spoke as Teacher; I was silent as the Lamb. My silence disturbed Pilate, but what could I say? I was guilty. I was carrying your sins. I could not make excuses.”

Fulton J. Sheen

Close Your Eyes by Fulton J. Sheen

“You have five senses which put you in touch with the material and sensate passing world about you. But did you ever notice that when you wish to do deep thinking you shut your eyes, close the doors of the ear to the rattles of earth, for the more you shut out the things of earth, the more the Spirit of God speaks within you. You will learn more truth from the Spirit than from books, a the Apostles on Pentecost learned more about the Life of Christ than they did from three years of living with Him in an earthy way.

The Power of Our Blessed Lord while on earth was sometimes exercised through immediate personal contact, such as when He laid His Fingers on the eyes of the blind man. At other times He cured at a distance, as He did the servant of the centurion.”