Potted Animals?

I received a beautiful pot of succulents for Christmas and gave it all kinds of tender, loving care. In spite of my efforts, it developed a spot in the middle and no matter what I did to revive the middle plants, the bare space in the middle increased. As you can see from the headline photo, I soon discovered the culprit! My husband has now added some new plants for the empty space with a promise to go with cacti if that doesn’t stop Fresh, the cat!

Chick, the dog, on the other hand, can’t fit into the pot of her choice so enjoys it in a sunny place along the fence.



Buster Kitten and His World!

Everything is a plaything to Buster Kitten. When he can’t get a rise out of out older, more sedate cat, he is always looking for entertainment. Most every night, both cats like to hang out in our room while we say our night prayers. We call upon my daughter’s help in extracting said cats from the room when we go to sleep. She has trained Buster Kitten to walk along side her like a dog. She just snaps her fingers and he is immediately there willing to follow her anywhere . . . probably in hopes of a treat.




Cats Are So Sensitive . . . NOT!

I came upon Buster Kitten enjoying a much-needed nap considering the amount of food he had eaten for breakfast. Wanting to catch a picture, I was very quiet as I crept up the kitten. As you can see from the next picture, his reaction was pretty impressive . . . not!


Cat’s World – Everything is for Playing!

We inadvertently acquired another cat. My husband learned to never say to my daughter, “Oh, look at that kitten under the neighbor’s care.” because said kitten soon took up residence much to the dismay of our two dogs and two cats. Buster is only six months old and needs a lot of play time which our older cat is not interested in providing. Buster is interested in everything and vacuum cleaners do not scare him and anything on the floor belongs to him. Last night, we moved the carpet runners into the living room while the shampooed carpets in the hallway dried. Suddenly, we noticed a ‘lump’ in one of the runners and, sure enough, it was now housing Buster. It was easy to take a picture. My husband just set the camera in front of the opposite side of the tunnel created by Buster and kept shooting pictures . . . until Buster tore through to catch the flash on the camera.

What Makes California Happy?

Chaffey College's photo.All too true! The interesting part is that most California drivers don’t know how to drive in the rain which accounts for an increase in mishaps. The news people go crazy on having some actual weather to report other than heat and sunshine.
My dogs are curled up in their doghouses. They like the cooler weather but the ‘wet stuff’ you can keep. The inside cat like to view the weather from a warm spot. The semi-feral, outside cat waits for us to come back from an errand so she has a warm place to sleep on the hood of the car.P1000800Can you believe she's even pass on those jokes?


There is an Agenda for Everything!

I’m listening to the radio and there is an articulate young lady representing PETA going on and on about how much animals suffer when they are killed for our culinary satisfactions. They are pushing agendas also against catching and eating fish. On this particular interview, the young woman said that she would even try to avoid hurting a fly or mosquito that might light on her nose but understands that we can’t always avoid stepping on ants or bugs by mistake.

Well, I’m listening to this and the sorrow in her voice over any animal having to suffer unduly just to provide a link on the food chain and have to wonder what her answer would be if asked her views on abortion. Would she resort to the usual stock reply, “Well, that is a choice between a woman and her doctor.” I would bet she wouldn’t even make an admission about the hurt, suffering, and torture an unborn baby would be going through in the event of an abortion, especially a late-term one.

The ongoing plight of the animals, fish, and insect world brings sadness to her heart yet I’m willing to bet that many of the ‘pro-animal’ agenda wouldn’t equate a human life with the need for saving animals. When did human life become of so little value?

“And he said: Let us make man to our image and likeness: and let him have dominion over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and the beasts, and the whole earth, and every creeping creature that moveth upon the earth.”

I don’t think God has a problem with us eating meat and fish as Jesus enjoyed both during His time on earth. When man was given dominion over the fish, fowls, and beasts, God was giving us a responsibility not an excuse for slaughter for the sake of killing but for needs of surviving.

I did come across an interesting article about going vegetarian. It seems that plants might be in anguish, too. http://science.howstuffworks.com/life/botany/plants-feel-pain.htm Now, what are we going to eat? And don’t even look at me!


Prepare to Groan – Really Awful Bunny jokes!

Why are rabbits good at math?
They know how to multiply.

Why do rabbits occasionally wear hats?
Sometimes they have bad hare days.

What song do rabbits sing when they’re sad?
No bunny knows the troubles I’ve seen . . .

Can you believe she's even pass on those jokes?
Can you believe she’d even pass on those jokes?