Getting Old Waiting for the End Times!

Mention of the ‘End Times’ cropped up more often than usual over the last eight years. There are many reasons for suggesting it and I’m sure many think it is upon us because of Democrats and, in the same vein, others know it has to be the fault of the Republicans. During the last two presidential elections, I quickly learned that one party was allowed to wear or post their preference in the election but beware if the other party expressed their views publically. Even within the confines of the Church Family, ridicule and nastiness ensued. Well, it was a time of situations when one might wish for the final days of earth but, nope, not one real sign of the End Times presented itself.

According to a book I am reading, The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life., “The first of the events foreshadowing the end of time is one to which the Savior refers in Matthew 24:14, when He says, “This good news of the Kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the world as a witness to all nations. Only after that will the end come.”

*Well, certainly can’t check that one off the list yet, can we?

“The second of these signs will be the appearance of the man of sin, the Antichrist.”

*Again, lots of contenders but none with all the credentials . . . yet.

“The third: the conversion of the Jewish people, who will adore the Lord Jesus and recognize Him as the promised Messiah.”

*Now, that has definitely not happened.

In the meantime, The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life. has some quotes to ponder which can be seen/applied to the world today.

“At present many signs point to a great victory for Christianity. Do not our enemies have a presentiment of it? Does not a secret instinct warn them that the days of their power are numbered, and that the time when it is given to them to prevail cannot be of long duration? This is why they enlist in the war they wage against the Church all the hateful corruption, all the hypocrisies anxious to drop their masks, all the hostile sciences, all the shady and godless politics. The revolution boldly raises its standard against religion, property, and the family; saps the foundations of the social structure; and mounts its attacks against use simultaneously, and on every front. The press, freed from every restraint, disseminates the most subversive doctrines and the deadliest poisons in a thousand organs.”

Again, sounds like the whole End Times stuff is coming down on us just as soon as we get those three, above-mentioned signs. Maybe, probably not as the book from which these quotes come was originally published in 1881.

The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life
by Father Charles Arminjon
Translated by Susan Conroy and Peter McEnerny

Modesty, Being Female, and the World

The world exploits women and women welcome the exploitation calling it freedom. The evidence of this shows up in modesty, morals, and manners. There is little modesty left in the world. Tight clothing, sheer clothing, body-bearing clothing and worse. There must be a downward trend in underwear sales as there often isn’t enough clothing on a female to warrant wearing it.

Remember the good, old days when there would be screaming and blushing if someone inadvertently intruded upon your privacy when you were only in your underwear? Now females are wearing the equivalent in public . . . and are applauded for their fashion sense! Exploitation, pure and simple. Do you see men going to such extremes to make a statement about their freedom?

Practicing chastity means you have to find other ways to communicate. When your demeanor and clothing seem to offer one thing, how can you expect the male population to understand that you might not be that kind of a person? Is this liberation? What are you communicating?
The saying that you will be the way you act follows the fashion trends. Are you going to get a first impression of a young woman that she is exceedingly moral when she is exposing much to the world and eliminating the need for imagination in regards to her body? If you are trying to live a moral life then why would you exhibit an expanse of private skin and think you can demand respect?

Females complain, saying men aren’t respectful anymore. When you wrap yourself up (or not!) like a piece of eye candy, do you give men the idea that you would like to attend Mass with them?

If you wear immodest clothing, give doubt to your purity, and try to be one of the crowd by using vulgar language, are you free?

The world revolves around bodily adornment these days. The commercials promote the newest colors in makeup, the trendiest clothing, perfume, powder, etc. And much money is made on the immodesty and immorality aspect. Women think paint, powder and unchasteness will make them free.

And the majority that buy into the concept of ‘being with it’, make the less adventurous ones feel inadequate when they try to practice less uninhibited standards. Not only are they putting themselves into the ‘occasion of sin’ but are trying to bring others to the near occasion of sin in order to keep a reasonable comfort range in their lifestyle – everyone else is doing it!

Back in the pre-liberation of women days, if a male objected to a female smoking, cursing, or dressing inappropriately, the female would probably change. Today, we don’t want to be ‘dominated’ by males so we really show them – physically, and spiritually . . . and both genders suffer a loss.

Granted, it can be difficult to take a personal stand and dress for modesty not fashion. It is hard to not lean towards the ways of the world in our manners and morals. And speaking normally without using expletives might set you apart from the majority. Being different isn’t the easy path in life. Perhaps you think that given the complexities of adhering to modesty, manners and morals, a little leniency should be in order. Look at Jesus. He was different and truly following Him demands a change in life You get to make a choice.