Sweet Without Granulated Sugar!

P1000578Since we are cutting granulated sugar and it’s various forms from our diet, I found we were missing that element of sweetness in coleslaw and homemade barbecue sauces. Honey, molasses, and maple syrup were not an option. Well, I was in the midst of making such a salad and although I had the correct amount of tang to the salad, it was still missing the underlying sweet component that completes a good, coleslaw salad. As a pondered this problem, I noticed the bowl of peaches on the counter and realized that fruit was allowed on our eating regime and peaches were sweet! I skinned the peach and pureed it, added it to the mayo and spices, and perfect coleslaw dressing balance. Our coleslaw, these days, includes shredded carrots, Jicama, celery, cucumbers, and cabbage.