Cause and Effect . . .

Growing up, I was well-versed in ‘cause and effect’. I hit my sister and CAUSED her to cry, punishment was quickly put into effect. Wasn’t raised in a generation when one had a victim card up one’s sleeve.

Earlier in the week, a Hollywood actress/comedian left decency behind in a failed effort to either make a statement or be funny. She made a statement but she sure wasn’t funny. She took a slam at President Trump and then got backlash from President Trump and his family. It wasn’t a mean retort but a deserved one as the family pulled together to let this person know that actions have consequences and when you try to hurt one person in a family, you could very well hear from the rest of the family.

An apology of sorts was forthcoming but it brought back a popular mind set of ‘do it first and apologize later’, a way to get the best of both worlds.

Today, the woman who initiated the cause that gifted her with the effect of someone fighting back, called a press conference to tell the world that President Trump and his family have ruined her career. I’m thinking that a couple of days ago, this person was the very last thing on any Trump mind . . . until she thought it would be fun to post a picture of her waving around a decapitated, bloody head of the president. I don’t think the Trump family was looking for a excuse for bullying her but that she laid the groundwork for a strong response and then cries foul.

A sad side effect was President Trump’s eleven-year old son seeing this awful picture on television and thinking it was actually his father. Many people found this reprehensible for someone to post something that could effect younger children who don’t understand, as some liberals put it, the fine-line of edgy humor.

Mature Behavior?

The behavior of the Democrats was pretty childish at the recent speech given by President Trump. Instead of debating President Trump in a formal manner like the adults their constituents assumed they would be when elected, they came across as infants refusing to even give face value respect as people elected to represent the people of the United States. I remember the cliques in grade school where some of the girls would try and dress alike to show the ‘tainted’ ones that they weren’t part of the group. Then there were the sly hand signs and exaggerated grimaces of disapproval.

If I were to be generous in my view of the Democrats crude behavior, it would have ended the minute they couldn’t even stand and appreciate the service of a fallen hero and show respect to his widow.

You Have a Better Explanation?

Very, VERY interesting story.

Miracles happen through the Power of God and if you don’t ask, you probably won’t receive a miracle waiting to take place. Now, one can say it was just a coincidence in November but everything was against it happening . . . and it did. Kind of makes one want to renew their prayers for this country and become deeper in love with the possibilities what God can provide with faith and devotion.

Losing Brings Out the Crazies!

All President Trump did was actually win an election in spite of all kinds of obstacles and cheating on the part of the opposition. Every day, there is something new to add to the pot but now it seems the pot is a cauldron and we have a bunch of witches putting their two cents in the broth.