The State of the Union Speech 2019

Some points presented in President Trump’s State Of The Union Address.

5 Million off food stamps.

Economy growing twice as fast as Obama

Unemployment for disabilities is all time low.

Passed right to try.

Business coming back to America at a record pace
Producing more natural gas and oil than anywhere in the world.

1st time in 65 years we are a net exporter in energy.

304,000 new jobs added last month.

Criminal justice reform.

3750 more troops to southern border.

Immigrants have to come in legally.

266,000 ice arrests of criminal aliens.

Walls work and walls save lives.

Women filled 58% of all new jobs last year.

There are more women in the workforce than ever before.

More women in congress than ever before.

In 2018, drug prices experienced their single largest decline in 46 years.

School choice for American children.

Legislation to abolition on late term abortions.

Establish a culture that cherishes innocent life and Pelosi.

Other nations are paying their fair of their. Over the last 2 years we have secured over $100B in defense spending from NATO allies.

President Trump and the leader of North Korea will meet again in Vietnam in February.
We were born free and we will stay free.

We renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.

After the speech was over the Democrats raced out of the House chambers which says a lot!

The Anti-Wall Groups . . .

Isn’t it interesting and very sad that the one group that should be protecting our country and are paid by our tax dollars, are the ones that want to contribute to the problem? What can you expect from people who support the murder of infants. Can you really expect them to protect  Americans given their lack of compassion for ANY murdered person in this country?

Scare Tactics and Closing Down the Government . . .

What happens in a government shutdown? Not a whole lot but it makes a great scare tactic and ploy to make the Republicans look bad.

In a government shutdown, around 40% of government workers are off work BUT once the situation is resolved, back pay is normally issued. Think about it. That 40% doesn’t have to work for the duration of the shutdown but will get paid for the time they didn’t work. And, in spite of worse-case scenarios proclaimed by the media, government assistance, welfare, social security, and the post office will proceed as normal. Zoos and national parks would be closed but that could hardly be called a life-altering situation.

Interesting expenditure comparison: According to recent numbers, building the proposed wall to safeguard our country would be around $25 billion dollars while the cost of non-citizens who are in our country for free just about anything, runs into our tax dollars in the neighborhood of $130 billion dollars a year. Should really emphasize the tragedy of our veterans, some of which live on the streets after having served our country for a lot less. We have homeless and hungry children who are citizens and possibly living on a lot less.

An interesting fact: Israel puts a lie to the Democratic proclamation that walls don’t work . . . The border wall in Israel has cut their illegal immigration by 99%.

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