Any Way the Wind Blows – Trump Controlling the Elements?

The world gets more amazing every day and all it takes is a predicted hurricane to bring out emotional but completely hilarious headlines. One of the problems with the hilarity is that people tend to believe such headlines especially if they are declared by a supposedly proper publication like The Washington Post.

Today’s headline from the Washington Post is declaring that Trump is ‘complicit’ for the dangerous storms brewing off shore right now. Wow, is this going to take the current heat over the Russian collusion allegations if the liberal lawyers have to put aside that paperwork to take on the Hurricane Collusion allegations.

Thinking about this (while trying not to laugh) brings up all sorts of questions that a normal person wouldn’t ask but will be tossed generously around by every liberal media ad nauseam.

First of all, what kind of witnesses would have to be called? Since the hurricane collusion in question is still off shore, would the exalted lawyers of the left have to subpoena random but guilty-looking rain clouds? I imagine said clouds have a history of causing rain leading to hurricanes so need to be reined in as soon as possible for questioning. Time is of the essence. Wind and outlandishly high ocean waves may be called in to witness. The illustrious lawyers defending against the magnificent powers of President Trump would have to discern what aspects of the FBI, DOJ, CIA might be implicated in encouraging or even providing the meeting place for this complicity . . . and would they need ships and raincoats?

In discerning this and other important aspects of this complicity, we have to remember with Hurricane Katrina President Bush managed to aim it at predominantly black communities in that storm. As was stated by the global warming and or cooling factions, every storm after Hurricane Katrina would be worse and we would have ten or more a year. So far, we have still had yearly hurricanes of various magnitudes but not ten or more a year.

All this aside, how will the left manage to control this? I mean, if I believed that George Bush and President Trump were capable of being ‘complicit’ with storms aka controlling the elements of the world, wouldn’t they be a little nicer? I mean, they are giving the president credit for powers far and above a human man. I would think they would work on this premise on the down low so as not to ignite the temper of such a being towards their destruction since they are obviously gifting him with power over the force of a hurricane. AND, since we all know that President Trump is definitely NOT part of the Second Coming, would they need to subpoena God . . . or perhaps the warmer side of the after life which they all seem to be more guided by.

Respecting Our President

It is difficult to figure out the liberals. When their candidates lose an election, it is time to demean and scream ‘impeach 45’ without a basis for even beginning such a procedure other than their ‘guy’ didn’t win and the Republican candidate was elected. Not everyone was an obama fan yet how many of you recall Republicans creating chaos and mayhem on the streets, destroying police cars, attacking democrats wearing obama tee shirts, and constantly making up scenarios of why obama wasn’t fit for office and calling for his immediate impeachment?

True, President Trump isn’t of the closed ranks of the establishment politician. He can’t be bought! He did the remarkable in that he has kept all his campaign promises during his first year in office and brought about national and worldwide changes that no other president seemed to take quite as seriously for the long-term welfare of the United States.

You could delve into the history of just about any of President Trump’s critics and dig up worse than anything they have had to go back into ancient history to demean the president. While the President works hard at making good changes and supporting the American people, the left would rather bring the country to a standstill and then blame President Trump from not being a good president.

Every word uttered by the President is double-checked, defined according to liberal standards, then warped to suit whatever the latest agenda happens to be, and then thrown into bring good progress to an screeching halt proving that they are more interested in invalidly demeaning the President rather then protecting and improving the country.

The election of President Donald J. Trump has proved one thing, however. His overwhelming election to office reflects that a great majority of voters are thinking people who realize that enough is enough and wanted to have a MAN in office rather than a bunch of self-serving elected officials and their lackeys.

It is very evident that part of the shock of 2016 was that regardless of all the garbage the opposition threw at President Trump’s run for office, they left one thing out of their equation for success. It was and continues to reflect the Democrats intricate avenues of preying. But, while they were ‘preying’ for the 2016 hillary win, many other people found their values and PRAYED their way to the win in 2016. I don’t think prayer was a major component for the left’s strategy.  Perhaps, they knew there was such a thing a prayer but couldn’t figure out how to pray to the God of goodness for the sins and evils they wanted to perpetuate.