Crafts and the Annual Christmas Fair

A friend asked me how I had fared at the fair this year and I have to say that in spite of a slow start, everyone seemed to get adequate business although many of us were buying from each other at times! We are ‘sister’ parishes with another parish as the bishop is looking to combine us, one day, into one, large parish. Sad to say, however, I didn’t see anyone from the ‘other’ parish joining in or checking out the great items for sale this year. And, I’m the only one from the ‘other’ parish who comes over to join in this event.

We had a lot of really interesting and fun vendors this year which made some last-minute Christmas shopping very easy if you were looking for unique or homemade. I even got a special order of the spicy/sweet sugared almonds I was selling!

The slow beginning of the day was a bit of a downer but several people came up with suggestions on how to increase the flow of people next year got everyone renewed and excited about participating next year.

The pictures here are views of my booth at the fair.





Finishing up Projects . . . Mostly!

Finished the handmade pottery vases, today . . . except for two that I didn’t remember my husband had put away out of sight of curious kittens. Tomorrow, it is time to made the peppermint bark, fudge, and the popcorn treats like “How The Grinch Stole Popcorn” and “Peppermint Snowman Hash”. Also have some hand-crocheted scarves, shawls, tote bags, handmade pincushions, and drawstring bags.




New craft - handmade luncheon or dinner table napkins.
New craft – handmade luncheon or dinner table napkins.


Christmas Crafts – Tis the Season All Too Soon!

P1000793 P1000794 P1000795Working on Christmas crafts. Yes, it is ONLY the end of August but, count the days, we will be sitting down to turkey dinners before you know it and realizing the Christmas Season is around the corner. Lots of opportunities for creativity at the various stores. The plain, cutouts and little boxes provide a lot of empty space to fill with paint and faux jewels.