Rice is Nice . . . Or Not

Rice has always been a favorite of mine and we used to serve it with meals at least twice a week. About two years ago, we went on an eating plan that didn’t have a place for grains especially rice. Since we had read that many brands of rice have trace amounts of arsenic, we figured it was just as well to have this eliminated from our diet. The fact that is is basically a non-fiber foodstuff with little to recommend it but carbs, it was relatively easy to take it off our shelf.

Today, however, rice has taken on a whole new view . . . at least the rice produced in China which isn’t rice but a mixture of some food items . . . and plastic! What is the world coming to and why would a country allow the poisoning of a major menu item especially among the poorer people who rely on this to stretch their already, in many cases, meager diet.