The Beginnings of Chili . . .

Although I often make chili for dinner, the rain and cold of the last few weeks has made it even more welcome when everyone comes in from the cold. I don’t really have a recipe because I tend to take the ‘best parts’ of several recipes and then do it my own way. The only downfall, according to my husband, is that one had best enjoy the chili set in front of them because they will never get it exactly the same ever again.

Basically, I pick out five or six chilies, several tomatillo, and roast them, chop them up and add them to the ground beef, garlic, and onions already browning in my favorite cooking pot. The spice cupboard gets raided next and cayenne, chili powder, and whatever seems good for the moment get tossed in the mix. My youngest son is the expert taster around here and can usually tell down to a pinch more salt exactly what will make it perfect. He also loves it really hot and spicy. When my husband comes come and knows that chili is on the menu, he tentatively asks, “Did Marc already approve it?”