Sadly, Abortion and Democrats are Never Far Apart . . .

Every single person on the Democratic debate stage, yesterday, supports a policy of abortion on demand at any time in the pregnancy. And they expect taxpayers to pay for it. Seems that taxpayers should be allowed to decide what is spiritually wise and humanitarian when it comes to how they spend their money. I think we give enough of our taxes to these people in salaries who only want to charge us for their horrific expenditure desires.

Always a Baby . . .

About a month ago, a young, pregnant woman was brutally murdered and the premature baby she was carrying was cut out of her body and dumped in a receptacle and left to die. When the police were called to the scene, they discovered the tiny infant was still alive but barely. He was rushed to the hospital. He was on life support and the medical staffed labored over him for the next month. Sadly, however, the battle was lost and the little baby boy died.

I found an interesting unspoken narrative about the case. When the baby died, the police said that would mean two murder cases against the killers. I totally agree with that as two human beings were murdered that horrible day. However, there are only 38 states that recognize an unborn child as a victim in the carrying out of a murder upon a pregnant woman. So justice for this little boy was only because he was murdered in a state that believed the unborn baby was, in fact, a human baby. If the baby’s death had died in California, the murders would have gotten away with only one count of murder. Although this view would not change the fact that two people died, it minimizes life in the womb in all but 38 states.

Recently, overwhelmingly due to the democrats, babies are not treated as babies in the womb if the mother opts for abortion. Even more horrendous is that there are no provisions in some states that if the baby is born alive, the medical staff will give the mother time to decide whether or not to go ahead with the ‘abortion’ after the fact. The recently deceased infant had a much better end result to his tragic premature birth. He had warmth, care, medicine, little pain and died peacefully.

Not a Topic of Interest to Catholics?

“A prayer petition for help for the people dealing with rising sea levels and for people with kind hearts to come to their aid . . .”

Basically, that is what was proclaimed in the Mass petitions during Mass today at our parish. As I mentioned in a previous posting, so far, no mention any previous Sunday of the fact that late-term abortion is available up until nine months now, a baby that survives an abortion can be killed, and word has it that infant baby parts are still being sold . . . in the United States of America. You know, the country that guarantees due process to murderers but no problem overlooking the legal abortionist murderers.

Where is the livid outrage from Catholic clergy and prelates? Where are the proclamations from the pulpit that abortion is murder and killing a survivor of abortion is diabolic.

Actually, I’ve been waiting since the tenth anniversary of Roe v. Wade to hear strong words from the pulpit. I remember we went to an afternoon Mass in commemoration of that day and . . . crickets as far as that subject was concerned although the then-pastor managed to draw a comparison between the Readings of the day and the last movie he had seen.

It is a sad day when the faux global warming issue gets billing in a Catholic Mass and the fate of babies heading for murder this very day, minute, second doesn’t seem to be a topic worth mentioning.