Know Where Your Donations Go

Not all charities are all that charitable with the donations given them for their purported charitable work. There are various places on line where you can check on this but to start you off, here is link to the eight worst ones in being right now. Now, everyone understands that a working charity has expenses that come from part of the donations but these eight definitely went over the top.

Suggested New Year’s Resolution?

I started out January 2017 working on my sewing projects, one of which is making clothing for Little Dresses for Africa. I know I’ve mentioned this charity before but you never know who is checking in and might be interested in spending some of their sewing time helping a child in Africa receive the first new dress in her life. If you check their site, you will find everything you need to know to get started.

The basic patterns for the dresses (instructions on their site) and very simple and work up into a beautiful dress but imagination is not restricted so you can add pockets, trim, and such to your creations. It’s a great New Year’s resolution because it is working towards a goal and is fun, too.