How Can I Be Lonely?

I spend a lot of time on my own, these days, with three of my children out of the nest and another one working. Actually, I don’t mind as I have time to myself without interruption and can get things done. Today, I had packages that had to be prepared for mailing and caught a picture of the company I kept today. She wasn’t much help but she was very interested in anything that rustled, rolled off the table, or got within claw length.

Probably Catching . . .

My husband has been a career Librarian. My daughter has been a Library Aide for almost three years now. A good friend of the family not only works  in a library, she is working towards her Master’s in Library Science. A friend of my older daughter earned his degree in library science. Given the history, is it any wonder that Marcella, our cat, has taken up the vocation?

Buster Kitten’s Busy Day!

Buster Kitten is a very large, very placid cat who adores people but isn’t interested in being petted and fussed over. He is always around, however, observing. My daughter decided that training Buster on a walking leash and without consulting Buster, purchased a halter jacket and leash. That as about six months ago as she claims she is taking things slowly. Buster doesn’t like the halter jacket and no matter how long she has him wear it, he refuses to get used to it. The one time, she tried taking him outside with said Jacket and leash, the 30 seconds he put with it were not a success.

Once the jacket was removed, Buster Kitten went directly back into placid mode but with a wary eye on anyone coming toward him with anything but a treat. He spent the rest of the day recovering and avoiding my daughter.

One Innocent Cat . . .

Fresh aka The Shredder, lures people to her side thinking she will allow them to pat her soft, shiny fur coat. Our advice, don’t try it.  When she gets into trouble, she instantly obeys and leaves the scene of the crime but never forgets. In the title picture, she was considering joining us for dinner but was swatted away. The next picture, shows what happened to an innocent paper bag. The last picture, is where Fresh hides when she is either in trouble or wants to make more trouble. She doesn’t like catching mice so much as unwary people feet that might pass by this way. If they aren’t wearing socks and shoes, so much the better!

I’m the only one in the family that can hold her but just for a short span of time which is determined by Fresh. She loves getting brushed in the morning but, again, on Fresh’s time. You brush too long, she swats your hand away. You don’t brush long enough, and she grabs your hand back. For a stray cat living off the fat of the land, she has some real attitude.

Fresh the Cat

Fresh is a feisty stray cat we were adopted by six years ago. She allows herself to be brushed or petted buy you had better know the signs when she has had enough because going beyond the point of no return earns you a scratch or two as she stalks off. Where the other cats will happily chase the laser spot as long as you will play with them, Fresh wants to KILL it.

The other day, I gave her a favorite toy . . . a wide, fat rubber band. She will happily attempt it’s demise for ten or fifteen minutes before you loses interest. For some reason, I thought it might be more fun for her if I knotted two rubber bands together so she would have a better hold on them. She, indeed, enjoyed the new and improved ‘toy’ and was happily chasing it around and chewing on it. I went about my housework and when I came back to the kitchen about ten minutes later, Fresh was gone but the rubber bands were no longer knotted together. They were again two separate rubber bands sitting side by side on the floor. My daughter came in and when I told her, she said, “We had better be really, really nice to that cat from now on!” I said we might consider locking our bedroom doors, too, and she responded with, “I don’t that that would stop this cat, Mom!”

Today, Fresh was getting into things and annoying the other cats so I knotted her another set of rubber bands . . . ten minutes later, they were separated. Okay, I figured the first time was just a fluke and was willing the think the second was just luck. I knotted her rubber bands together, again, but even tighter . . . It took her less than five minutes.