The Queen of the House!

Fresh is an in and outdoor cat. She spends the early morning and early evening maintaining the integrity of the neighborhood specifically your property. The other two cats finds her fascinating but she doesn’t return the admiration. Often, when trying to enter the house, she has to get past the curious cats who just want to get a friendly sniff of this admirable feline.

Fresh had a bed and cat tree in our garage but prefers to rest along the windshield of the cat especially after we have taken it out for a drive (aka as shopping! to warm it up for her. She does spend time in the house but always has to get past the ‘welcoming’ crew at the door. As you can see from the pictures, she always moves fast.

In Control of the Animal Kingdom!

Fresh is our semi-outdoor cat by her choice. She can be a little bit feral also as the mood takes her. She enjoys her time in the house because the dogs can see her through the slider and can bark all they want. She doesn’t waste her precious cat thoughts on our other cats, either, but is aware of them at all times.

Yes, Buster, I KNEW you were there. Want to see my claws?

Yes, Buster, I KNEW you were there. Want to see my claws?

Nap Time Is Sacred!

Marcella’s favorite place to nap is above the headboard over our bed. She knows she looks cute and wasn’t especially happy to have a snapping camera in her face. Buster Kitten, being over 16 pounds, prefers to sleep behind the same bed which is fine with Marcella who still thinks of herself as an only cat.