Are Black Cats Back Luck?



Our semi-feral cat, Fresh, is an interesting little ball of black fur with very sharp claws hidden away but always at the ready. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She owns the garage (and we are not about to argue the fact with her!) but likes to come in the house every morning and taunt our other cats. When she wants out, she will come over to wherever I am and pat me on the knee with her tiny paw. Then she wanders off for about ten minutes and comes back and taps my knee with a bit of claw. IF I am distracted and don’t respond to her at that point . . . Let’s just say that I have the scars to proof my absentmindedness on that score.

I’m the only one that can pick up up and pet her but for only seconds at a time. She will purr happily and then display the arsenal at her toe tips and immediately put her down and back away.

Although she is a fantastic mouser, she loves to take away the toys from the other cats and play with them while they nervously sit a few feet away and watch . . . carefully.

The other day, she found a project in my sewing box that I had begun but didn’t finish. I had purchased some three or four inch muslin dolls and was planning to embroider features on them and clothe them . . . but I didn’t get past the face part and there it sat in my ‘to do’ sewing someday. Fresh discovered it and decided this was the toy for her which has turned out to be rather freaky. She really loves batting that ‘little person’ doll around, trying to tear into its limbs, chewing on its face . . . Okay, let’s face it. Being totally black with huge yellow eyes and a knowing look, my husband claims it is her voodoo doll only we don’t know who it represents. We are really nice to her, these days, and if she demands a snack between meals, who are we to deny it to the sweet kitty?

You Can’t Pick Your Relatives!

I’ve often heard that one can’t always (probably never!) chose their relatives. I speak from experience. Strangely that seems to be the same situation in regards to our cat kingdom.

Due to someone’s carelessness, about six years ago the neighborhood was left with a lot of cats who all found their way to our house. We didn’t have a cat and didn’t particularly want a cat but ended up with 15 at our doorstep. We eventually found homes for them or they wandered off to find their own homes . . . but we ended up with one ‘runt’ in the vast litter that no one seemed to want. We got our first cat. It worked out and life settled down.

In finding all those other cats homes, the day we were supposed to deposit three of them with a family in 29 Palms, one of the bunch didn’t come home and we ended up taking only two to the new home. The third one just wasn’t around so we figured it found a place or, sadly, got run over or something.

Four months later, Fresh, the missing cat came home. Being on her own, she was a feisty cat that would scratch if you petted her too long. She liked the outdoor life and slept at night in the garage. Although she played with our cat when they were front porch kittens, they hated each other now.

Two years ago, my daughter found a very placid kitten under a car next door. It was obvious it was hungry but had a ‘lily of the fields’ attitude that food would eventually come to him so no use stressing over a few hunger pains.

Last year, my husband was working in the front yard and was startled when a big gray and white mangy cat came tearing up to him screaming. Turned out that was his dinner time announcement. He was a very friendly, placid cat that ate, slept, and screamed a lot, mainly for food. My daughter found a home for him with friends and enjoys visiting him every weekend or so. He still screams for food but loves his new people and their two cats. They named his Speedy, mostly because he isn’t!

The relatives side? We were checking our security camera one morning and were shocked to see our third cat, Buster Kitten, on our front porch but before panic could set in, Buster showed up in the computer room. It was very obvious this was probably his brother if not a very close relative. He visits often at night either looking for his long-lost brother or food . . . probably food.

A few weeks ago, another cat showed up both on camera and in person. Given the yowling for food and the fur coat, Speedy had a brother. He had a collar so had a home but having lived with Speedy for awhile, dinner time was all the time. We don’t feed him but he lives in hope.

Last week, we are heading around the corner of our property on our way to the store when we saw ‘Fresh’ playing in the front lawn like she loves to do. She was hopping and prancing and just having a good time. We pulled to the curb to
open the remote garage door in case she wanted in. She looked at us and there was no recognition in her eyes at all. Fresh is a very small black cat with brilliant yellow eyes. So was this one but it wasn’t Fresh. Another relative here for a visit.

Last night, when my husband was closing up the house, he found Fresh perched up
in the tree looking down. At the foot of the tree was Speedy’s brother and Fresh’s cousin. Before Speedy’s brother could scream a dinner order, my husband deliberately turned and without looking back, went into the house and firmly closed the door. A few minutes later, the ‘right’ Fresh the Cat was at the door to come in and the door was deadbolted . . . just in case, you know!

By the way, the cat pictured above? That was one of the original invasion we named Howl because every morning he would sit on our hose box and howl for food. He left before we could find him a home and turned up four years later. He was well-fed and obviously had found himself a home. He can’t quite remember why he comes here but seems to remember that sitting on our hose box and howling resulted in food . . . but not any more.

How Can I Be Lonely?

I spend a lot of time on my own, these days, with three of my children out of the nest and another one working. Actually, I don’t mind as I have time to myself without interruption and can get things done. Today, I had packages that had to be prepared for mailing and caught a picture of the company I kept today. She wasn’t much help but she was very interested in anything that rustled, rolled off the table, or got within claw length.

One Innocent Cat . . .

Fresh aka The Shredder, lures people to her side thinking she will allow them to pat her soft, shiny fur coat. Our advice, don’t try it. ¬†When she gets into trouble, she instantly obeys and leaves the scene of the crime but never forgets. In the title picture, she was considering joining us for dinner but was swatted away. The next picture, shows what happened to an innocent paper bag. The last picture, is where Fresh hides when she is either in trouble or wants to make more trouble. She doesn’t like catching mice so much as unwary people feet that might pass by this way. If they aren’t wearing socks and shoes, so much the better!

I’m the only one in the family that can hold her but just for a short span of time which is determined by Fresh. She loves getting brushed in the morning but, again, on Fresh’s time. You brush too long, she swats your hand away. You don’t brush long enough, and she grabs your hand back. For a stray cat living off the fat of the land, she has some real attitude.