Me? You Talking to Me?

The rule in my house is NO cats on the beds. Cats, however, sometimes ‘forget’ this. Marcella has had several run-ins with my husband on this subject but her small kitty brain likes to forget and try, try, try again. When I caught her this time,she seemed to be inquiring, “You didn’t mean THIS bed, right?

Vengeance is Mine . . . Says the Cat!

We have three cats. One of them is the ‘baby’ and weighs in at over 16 pounds. The second one is a mere 12 pounds and very long and thin. The smallest is only six pounds but is the one to watch when she gets angry. She loves to get her back rubbed and her ears scratched . . . until she doesn’t and woe be to the person who isn’t paying attention to the warning signs. Fresh, the tiny terror, came as a stray and only comes in as far as the garage where she rules supreme.

My husband and I were heading out for the afternoon on Sunday and when we drove down past the side of our house, there was Fresh sauntering along smelling the flowers and checking out the neighborhood. When she saw the car, she perked up so we turned around and went back to our driveway to open the garage door for her so she could eat and have a nap in safety while we were gone. She didn’t trust us so waited until we actually pulled in the garage to come in BUT the minute she started eating, we pulled out and hit the remote control and she was safe while we were gone whether she liked it or not.

We came home three hours later and when we opened the garage door, she was sitting in the middle of the floor glaring at us before she slowly walked outside and disappeared for the rest of the afternoon. I mentioned to my husband that this had been too easy and I’m just waiting to run across whatever she might have destroyed while we were gone to exhibit her feline wrath. It didn’t take long to follow the shreds leading to the tortured and destroyed roll of paper towels.

I think we have been forgiven, however, as we found a freshly-killed mouse on our front step this morning. I don’t know how much this was gratitude or an offer of exchanging the mouse for some stinky canned cat food.

In Control of the Animal Kingdom!

Fresh is our semi-outdoor cat by her choice. She can be a little bit feral also as the mood takes her. She enjoys her time in the house because the dogs can see her through the slider and can bark all they want. She doesn’t waste her precious cat thoughts on our other cats, either, but is aware of them at all times.

Yes, Buster, I KNEW you were there. Want to see my claws?

Yes, Buster, I KNEW you were there. Want to see my claws?