Buster Kitten’s Side Job

Buster Kitten has a new passion in life. He has his own little pot business. Uh, emphasis on “little pot” as in that is where we have been growing LAWN grass seeds for his addiction to it. He discovered that the lawn existed outside, where he isn’t allowed to go, so set up an impassioned bout of yowling meows if we went outside and didn’t bring him in some clippings. He spends ten minutes every day ‘trimming’ his ‘pot garden’ is a very happy cat.

The Queen of the House!

Fresh is an in and outdoor cat. She spends the early morning and early evening maintaining the integrity of the neighborhood specifically your property. The other two cats finds her fascinating but she doesn’t return the admiration. Often, when trying to enter the house, she has to get past the curious cats who just want to get a friendly sniff of this admirable feline.

Fresh had a bed and cat tree in our garage but prefers to rest along the windshield of the cat especially after we have taken it out for a drive (aka as shopping! to warm it up for her. She does spend time in the house but always has to get past the ‘welcoming’ crew at the door. As you can see from the pictures, she always moves fast.

Let Sleeping Cat Alone!

Fresh is a part-time outdoors cats and is the terror of the neighborhood if any uniformed cat (or dog!) steps foot in our yard. She soon informs them. Although she enjoys coming in the house, she prefers her ‘private apartment’ our entire   garage. She tends to get a little miffed if she wants to curl up on the car and we haven’t taken it out sufficiently to warm it up for her. In the warmer weather, she takes her naps on top of the cars.

Today, she was looking particularly fetching as she napped on the car so I got my camera. She didn’t try to stop me but her slow but steady move toward me, advised me to go back inside and let her finish her nap.