The Catholic Church In China . . . As It Pertains to Us

In China, there are two Catholic Churches – one run by the government and the underground church that is loyal to Rome. Of late, it seems like the Pope is more interested in negotiating with the government than dealing with the mistreatment and harassment of the people who continue to practice the real Catholic Faith even if they have to go into hiding to do so. They need to keep a low profile to protect the brave priests who struggle to bring them the sacraments. They keep on constant guard in hopes of raising their children to continue the battle when they are gone.

It kind of hit home with me in view of the recent Rosary Rallies held throughout the United States in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Miracle at Fatima. Although there were good turnouts, the percentage of people who participated were small compared to the numbers in the congregations. We haven’t ever really felt the burden of persecution  to be Catholics.

The world is getting more and more interested in reshaping faith and religion today and we see some of the effects right now. We need to pray more for our fellow Catholics in China and other places in the world while giving thanks that we haven’t had to face the same here . . . yet.

We had almost fifty people at our Rosary Rally which was exciting especially when we touched the hearts of people driving by and seeing us there unafraid to proclaim our own joy. I’m thinking that Catholics should take every opportunity for public displays of prayer before we discover a world where we have to go underground, too.

Making Friends for the Hereafter!

“As we enter Heaven, we will see them, so many of them, coming toward us and thanking us. We will ask who they are and they will say: ‘A poor soul you prayed for in purgatory.'” -Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Prophesies of Cardinal Pacelli

Pope Pius XII was born Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli. His birth was March 2, 1876 and he died October 9, 1958. He was Pope from March 2, 1939 until he died in 1958. As Cardinal Pacelli, he warned the Church of several aspects of decline in the church. Reading the following, shows he was enlightened by God as so much is coming true today.

Cardinal Pacelli’s Prophesies Coming True Today:

Cardinal Pacelli’s remarks are stunning prophesies of the current state of affairs in the Church, 84 years later. We are witnessing today that:

Russia spreads her errors of communism and secularization throughout the world as Our Lady of Fatima warned. This happens even in the Church through doctrinal, moral, and liturgical relativism and secularization. The smoke of Satan has entered the sanctuary.

The imposition of Paul VI’s “New Mass” after Vatican II has brought about widespread destruction of the Church’s sacred liturgy and beauty in church architecture. There is widespread grave liturgical irreverence, sometimes even causing the sacraments, including the Eucharist, to be invalid from certain priests using the new rites.

There is mass apostasy in the Church and her bishops – “She will doubt as Peter doubted.”
She doubts exclusivity of salvation through the Catholic Church and the social kingship of Christ. This is evidenced by harmful ambiguities, compromise formulas, and omissions in the very texts of Vatican II (ex. Nostra Aetate, Lumen Gentium, and Dignitatis Humanae).

She doubts that all peoples and nations must become subject to Christ’s rule or ought to convert to the Catholic faith, and favors secular governments and practices. Scandalous practices of ecumenism have led to a virtual abandonment of the Divine Commission in favor of a vacuous, open-ended “dialogue”.

She doubts even the universal validity of the Divine Law as seen in the double synod on the family and Pope Francis’ justifications for adultery and of a false notion of conscience in Amoris Laetitia. Numerous bishops conferences are openly violating the Divine law by allowing the divorced and civilly remarried persons living more uxorio to receive Holy Communion.

She doubts the eternity and reality of Hell, by devoting her energies to progressive terrestrial utopias under the guise of environmentalism, one-world-government, mass immigration, and wealth redistribution, rather than to the salvation of souls.

The Church in Africa flourishes and holds fast to the Catholic Faith, especially on sexual ethics, while the Western Catholic Church is losing the faith and dying out.

Faithful Catholics suffer at the hands of fellow Catholics (white martyrdom) and non-Catholics (sometimes red martyrdom) because they refuse to give in to the prevailing moral relativism and religious syncretism.